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TSTC Board of Regents Meeting November 16, 2017

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Now just as 2016 is drawing to a close Hanks took some time out of his hellip; 11 months ago.

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  1. Your account won't have a Year End Summary if one or more of the following apply to your account: You have fewer than 30 transactions and 3 months of activity in the year; You have a Business Card, Private Label Card or Overdraft Protection Product; Your account is vladis.clubg: casino ‎ ‎election.:
    Every year towards the end of January, Chase will have your year end summary statements ready for your viewing. You will actually get a reminder in your email (like I did here). Below are a series of screen shots of the email I got, the log in page and the actual statements. I think if is very important to view  Missing: casino ‎ ‎election. Executive summary. 2. — A year in review. 2. — The year ahead. 4. 1. An active M&A market continues. 5. 2. The impact of regulatory uncertainty and . in addition to a number of key global elections and administration changes slated for , are the Mergers & Acquisitions Group of JPMorgan Chase & Co. Mohegan Sun Pocono casino slapped with record fines . Is Lehigh Valley Congressman Charlie Dent preparing to leave his post before next year's election? The New York Times suggested Wednesday night that Dent, the seven-term Republican incumbent who has announced he'll retire at the end of , may step.
  2. Fed boosts benchmark rate for third time this year. Martin Crutsinger. The Federal Reserve is raising its key interest rate for the third time this year and foresees three additional hikes in , a vote of confidence that the U.S. economy remains on solid footing 8½ years after the end of the Great Recession. The Fed.:
    We plan to return to a competitive payout ratio in and thereafter. For and , we intend to recommend the required minimum dividend, given the bank's results in those years. We plan to recommend at least the minimum dividend for Now let me turn to the results for the past year. In this 50th year of the James Bond series, with the dismal "Quantum of Solace" () still in our minds, "Skyfall" triumphantly reinvents in one of the from earlier films that Bond can operate almost anything, but "Skyfall" incredibly has him commandeer of a giant Caterpillar and continue the chase by. Bet now with Betfair on the Betfair Chase at Haydock on Saturday 25 November as Tony Calvin previews the Grade 1 contest for It is currently soft ground, with a wet week forecast, so the 3m1fyd - remember, the race is being run over an extra yards this year - will take some.
  3. This client update provides an overview of the FCPA, as well as domestic and international anti-corruption enforcement, litigation, and policy developments from the year To assist our clients in navigating these challenges, we are pleased to highlight Gibson Dunn lateral hires from DOJ.:
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But today, according to a massive new study on global inequality, those Trump denounced the bureau for its handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation, It will settle into its Tuesday time slot Sports Pete Rose defamation lawsuit dismissed after agreement Associated Press A defamation lawsuit filed by Pete Rose last year against the lawyer who got him kicked out of baseball has been dismissed.

Federal court documents show Rose's suit against John Dowd was dismissed Friday. Breaking News The never ending battle over net neutrality is far from over.

Here's what's coming next Brian Fung The Federal Communications Commission's vote on Thursday to repeal its net neutrality rules marked the end of a brief experiment by the network regulator to rein in the tremendous power of Internet providers by treating them like the highly-regulated telecoms. Now, providers will be allowed to Task force supervisor Rob Clark said Larry Stewart was arrested about 8 a. Clark said Stewart was Breaking News New rape charges filed against alleged 'serial predator,' Bethlehem police say Pamela Lehman Like the two other women who told authorities they had been attacked by Seth Mull, Bethlehem police say the woman in the newest criminal investigation had been held over two days and not only raped by Mull, but two other unknown men, according to Northampton County Court records.

Breaking News Easton, police union reach three-year contract agreement Riley Yates Easton and its police union have reached agreement on a three-year contract under which officers will see their pay steadily grow in exchange for health insurance concessions, city officials announced on Friday.

Oxford Dictionaries word of the year is one nobody uses Jennifer Hassan The Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year has been revealed and the winner is. You may not be the only one. The word is defined as meaning "a significant cultural, political, or social change arising from the actions of influence of young people. Entertainment 'The Last Jedi's' fierce women characters perfectly reflect the zeitgeist in Michael Cavna The year that began with one Resistance is being capped by another.

Eleven months after January's Women's March on Washington - in which protesters proclaimed their opposition to President Donald Trump under the rubric "the Resistance" - the new "Star Wars" film is featuring more top-line women Moser Christmas always is a season of warm traditions and embracing of the old. And the Symphony on Ice program that PPL Center offered Thursday was just that — a performance that warmly captured tradition and memories.

This year, the program also was a fund-raiser: Proceeds will be donated to Phantoms Breaking News Two vehicles involved in Route 33 crash, left lane closed Matt Coughlin The left lane of southbound Route 33 is closed after a two-vehicle collision about 9: State police did not have information available on injuries.

However, they confirmed they are at the scene of a two-vehicle accident at mile marker Breaking News Terrier survives coyote attack caught on surveillance camera Angie Leventis Lourgos and Elvia Malagon A north suburban couple whose dog was recently attacked by a coyote are warning other pet owners to take precautions when small animals are outside.

Vicky Dinges said her dog Boozer had been out of her Northfield home for less than a minute early Wednesday when a coyote emerged and attacked the New drug law makes it 'harder for us' to stop illegal pain meds Scott Higham and Lenny Bernstein A new law supported by opioid distributors and manufacturers is making it increasingly difficult to hold companies accountable when they run afoul of the nation's drug laws, according to recently retired Drug Enforcement Administration investigators on the front lines of the war against opioids But a clip of one of President Donald Trump's federal judicial nominees struggling to answer rudimentary The shooting victim, whose name was not released, remains hospitalized with serious injuries, but he is expected to survive.

Breaking News Lehigh Valley weather: The models have shifted slightly to call for a higher chance during the 2 to 5 p. Health Care Consumer Confidential column: The term "issuer" covers any business entity that is registered under 15 U.

The term "domestic concern" is even broader and includes any U. In addition to the anti-bribery provisions, the FCPA also has "accounting provisions" that apply to issuers and their agents. First, there is the books-and-records provision, which requires issuers to make and keep accurate books, records, and accounts that, in reasonable detail, accurately and fairly reflect the issuer's transactions and disposition of assets.

Second, the FCPA's internal controls provision requires that issuers devise and maintain reasonable internal accounting controls aimed at preventing and detecting FCPA violations. Prosecutors and regulators frequently invoke these latter two sections when they cannot establish the elements for an anti-bribery prosecution or as a mechanism for compromise in settlement negotiations. Because there is no requirement that a false record or deficient control be linked to an improper payment, even a payment that does not constitute a violation of the anti-bribery provisions can lead to prosecution under the accounting provisions if inaccurately recorded or attributable to an internal controls deficiency.

In each of our year-end FCPA updates, we seek not only to report on the year's FCPA enforcement actions but also to identify and synthesize the trends that stem from these actions.

For , five trends stand out:. The second half of included two more significant anti-corruption enforcement actions coordinated between domestic and foreign regulators, as well as a third where the foreign prosecution was not coordinated but nevertheless played what appears to be a significant role in fashioning the U.

On December 21, , Brazilian construction conglomerate Odebrecht S. As noted above, the resolution stems from Operation Car Wash, the far-reaching money laundering investigation that has morphed into the largest corruption investigation in Brazilian history, stretching now well beyond Brazil's borders.

According to the charging documents, the companies used Odebrecht's "Division of Structured Operations" as an effective "Department of Bribery" that allegedly had no purpose other than to systematically pay bribes to government officials around the world. And yet, the amounts that will be paid to U.

According to the agreements, that assessment will be completed by March 31, As a condition of the DOJ and SEC resolutions, Odebrecht also agreed to the imposition of a corporate compliance monitor with a three-year term. In a related Brazilian enforcement action, on March 8, , Odebrecht CEO Marcelo Odebrecht was sentenced to 19 years in prison for money laundering, corruption, and taking part in a criminal association. In another example of close coordination in cross-border anti-corruption enforcement, on October 24, , Brazilian-based aircraft manufacturer Embraer S.

According to the charging documents, Embraer paid bribes through its subsidiary in the United States to government officials in the Dominican Republic, Mozambique, and Saudi Arabia, and entered into a false agency agreement to obtain business in India.

The company also agreed to retain a corporate compliance monitor for the three-year term of the deferred prosecution agreement. Embraer will receive dollar-for-dollar credit for the Brazilian settlement as a reduction in its SEC disgorgement. In related enforcement actions, more than a dozen individuals have been charged in Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and Saudi Arabia in connection with the Embraer investigation. Finally, in an example of an uncoordinated multi-jurisdictional enforcement action, on September 30, , UK pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline plc agreed to settle the U.

The company further agreed to self-report to the SEC on the status of its anti-corruption compliance program over the course of the next two years. GlaxoSmithKline has reported that DOJ has closed its investigation of the company without taking any action itself. Under the Pilot Program, a company that voluntarily self-discloses FCPA-related misconduct, fully cooperates in the ensuing investigation, and appropriately remediates the misconduct may be eligible for a declination of criminal prosecution.

In all events, companies that are found to have engaged in misconduct resulting in financial gain will be required to disgorge the ill-gotten gains from that misconduct. Where the Pilot Program has broken new ground concerns the other two declinations. These "declination" letter agreements came with two significant conditions: The letter agreements were not filed in court as part of a legal proceeding, but much like a non-prosecution agreement were countersigned by company representatives and posted to DOJ's FCPA Website.

The two regional managers have since been identified as Eduardo Betancourt and Franklin Marsan, who separately have entered guilty pleas for non-FCPA wire fraud conspiracy charges associated with a kickback scheme they were allegedly engaged in with HMT's third parties in Latin America.

NCH and HMT each agreed to disgorge the purportedly illicit gains associated with the alleged misconduct. Johnson Controls was not required to admit to the underlying facts in its SEC resolution and because it was able to effectuate the disgorgement via that vehicle, was not required to countersign its DOJ declination letter which in any event did not recite any facts. Another notable aspect of the NCH and HMT agreements is that they are contractually prohibited from seeking a tax deduction for the amount disgorged.

We have determined to count these declination letter agreements, where they are countersigned by the company with agreements to the alleged facts and to disgorge illicit gains, as enforcement actions for statistical purposes. Although we understand there could be a different view taken toward counting a so-called declination of prosecution as an enforcement action, these letter agreements bear significant similarities to other types of agreements including DOJ and SEC non-prosecution agreements and SEC administrative proceedings that we have been counting for statistical purposes for the 12 years we have been tracking FCPA enforcement.

In our view, a company forced to pay hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to the U. Treasury as a result of publicized admissions to conduct that amounts to an FCPA violation has undergone a significant enforcement event that we believe warrants tracking. This is in addition to the significant reduction in fine already built into the Sentencing Guidelines calculation for voluntary disclosure.

Caldwell proclaimed, "This resolution demonstrates the very real upside to coming in and cooperating with federal prosecutors and investigators. General Cable will also self-report on the status of its anti-corruption compliance program for a three-year period. Zimmer with FCPA books-and-records and internal controls violations based on his alleged approval of commission payments to an Angolan agent under circumstances that purportedly should have alerted him to the fact that a portion of those commissions was going to be used for corrupt purposes.

Informed by our own inventory of client matters, we have cautioned consistently against a view that suggests the U. Government is losing interest in anti-corruption enforcement.

Indeed, given the lengthy incubation period of most FCPA cases, we know that these enforcers were working diligently during the supposedly quiet years on the cases that came to fruition in A chart tracking the total value of corporate FCPA monetary resolutions by year, since the advent of blockbuster fines brought in with the Siemens resolution, follows:.

For years, we have been anticipating the intersection between purported Dodd-Frank whistleblowers and FCPA enforcement. We expect more to follow. This employee had been voluntarily cooperating with the SEC prior to entering into this agreement, but thereafter stopped, allegedly because of fear of the liquidated damages provision.

To resolve the SEC's charges, Anheuser-Busch InBev consented to the filing of FCPA books-and-records and internal controls charges, as well as charges alleging a violation of SEC Rule 21F a , which provides that "[n]o person may take any action to impede an individual from communicating directly with [SEC] staff about a possible securities law violation, including enforcing, or threatening to enforce, a confidentiality agreement.

The company further agreed to change the standard confidentiality clause in its separation agreement to include the following provision: The SEC, which holds whistleblower identification information in strict confidence, has not confirmed the media reports. Another meeting point between the FCPA and Dodd-Frank concerns a whistleblower retaliation lawsuit filed by Bio-Rad's former general counsel against his former employer, which is covered below. The panelists will include Gibson Dunn partner Patrick F.

Still, the litigation continues and indeed saw significant developments in Sullivan of the U. Over the course of a 2. Among other factors, Judge Sullivan cited the executives' signing Magyar's SOX certifications and other management representation letters submitted in connection with an audit of the company's financial disclosures. Judge Sullivan also concluded that Magyar--a foreign issuer--"clearly used an instrumentality of interstate commerce the Internet when it made filings through EDGAR.

On the statute of limitations, Judge Sullivan found that with regard to Straub and Morvai, certain of the SEC's claims were time-barred because trips to the United States in triggered a five-year statute of limitations that ran out before the SEC filed the action in December However, because the SEC identified both a bribe payment in May and a use of the mails the filing of Magyar's quarterly report in November that occurred after Straub's and Morvai's trips, the judge concluded that at least some of the SEC's claims were not time-barred.

The long awaited trial for these defendants, which if it holds would be the first ever FCPA trial involving the SEC, is scheduled to begin on May 8, District Court for the District of Connecticut partially granted Lawrence Hoskins 's motion to dismiss certain charges pending against him, holding that Hoskins could not be criminally liable for conspiring to violate or aiding and abetting a violation of the FCPA unless the government establishes that he was acting as an "agent" of a "domestic concern" here, Alstom's U.

Oral argument is currently scheduled for the week of February 27, The only other development of note this year in this long-running case is that, on July 6, , DOJ moved in the U.

District Court for the District of Connecticut to dismiss its case against former Alstom executive William Pomponi , who had pleaded guilty in July to one count of conspiracy to violate the FCPA and died in May before he was sentenced. We will continue to monitor this litigation and report on developments in future updates.

Miller of the U. District Court for the Southern District of Texas. DOJ has moved to stay briefing on the motion pending the imposition of sentences, though it made clear in its motion that it does not believe Bariven will be able to qualify as a victim pursuant to either the Crime Victims' Rights Act or the Mandatory Victims Restitution Act.

The Court has not yet ruled on these motions. Reports suggest that prosecutors are preparing to charge several more individuals, including more former PDVSA executives. It was a slow year for sentencing FCPA defendants in , with many of the cases in which sentencing hearings were scheduled having been postponed to Only two defendants, both former executives of Louis Berger International, were sentenced this year on FCPA charges as set forth below:. With five more guilty pleas entered in the U.

District Court for the Eastern District of New York during the second half of the year, the government's investigation shows no signs of ebbing. Companies also have been targeted. Torneos admitted to paying tens of millions of dollars in bribes and kickbacks to FIFA and other officials in exchange for soccer media and marketing rights, including rights to broadcast the , , , and World Cups.

For several years now, we have been reporting on DOJ's Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative, which uses civil forfeiture actions to freeze, recover, and, in some cases, repatriate the proceeds of foreign corruption. Caldwell stated that because DOJ believes this is "such an important initiative," DOJ has "added resources, including increasing by more than 50 percent the number of prosecutors who will be devoted to investigating and prosecuting kleptocracy matters.

Proclaiming that foreign nations should prosecute corruption in their own country, Mr. Although these comments stand in stark contrast to the message of the current administration, leading some to question whether the FCPA will be enforced in a Trump government, we do not predict a significant shift in FCPA enforcement. First, it must be remembered that FCPA enforcement is first and foremost the responsibility of dedicated career civil servants, separated by many layers from and generally unaffected by whoever happens to reside at Pennsylvania Avenue.

Second, there are numerous treaty obligations pursuant to which the United States remains obligated to prosecute foreign corruption. Third, we are skeptical that even were he personally so inclined, there would be political benefit to a President Trump taking an active stance opposed to international anti-corruption enforcement.

We consistently note in these semiannual updates that the FCPA provides for no private right of action, but there are a variety of causes of action that have been used with varying degrees of success to pursue private redress for losses allegedly associated with purported FCPA-related misconduct.

A selection of matters that saw developments in the second half of follows. Shareholder litigation frequently follows a company's announcement of an FCPA event, either through a class action lawsuit brought on behalf of shareholders whose stock value has dropped allegedly as a result of the misconduct or a shareholder derivative lawsuit brought against the company's directors for allegedly violating their fiduciary duties to run the business in a compliant manner.

We discussed above the intersection between the FCPA and the Dodd-Frank whistleblower provisions in enforcement matters. Another way in which these statutory regimes come together is in civil lawsuits brought by former employees claiming that they were fired or otherwise discriminated against in their employment based on protected whistleblower activity, in violation of the anti-retaliation provisions of Dodd-Frank.

Examples from include:. District Court for the District of Columbia challenging DOJ's failure to respond to his request to release the names of corporate compliance monitor candidates nominated by 15 companies that resolved FCPA charges with a monitorship requirement, as well as information concerning the DOJ committee responsible for evaluating these nominations and making the ultimate selection.

As of the publication of this update, DOJ has not yet filed its answer or other responsive pleading. On October 14, , the International Organization for Standardization "ISO" published the long-anticipated ISO , Anti-bribery management systems — Requirements with guidance for use , a standard designed to help companies mitigate bribery-related risks.

Intended to "help prevent, detect and deal with bribery. These areas will be familiar to our readership as well-recognized components of an effective anti-corruption compliance program.

As ISO recognizes, the requirements "are generic and are intended to be applicable to all organizations," and like any effective anti-corruption compliance program should be implemented in a risk-based manner to address companies' specific circumstances.

Given its recent publication, it is not yet clear what will be the value of a certification. The ruling, which found that the Bank did not waive its privileges and immunities by voluntarily providing to Canadian law enforcement evidence gathered in its own investigation related to SNC-Lavalin Group Inc.

A senior INT official recently stated that the outcome in Wallace has provided the World Bank with "an opportunity to work much more closely with national authorities. In its most recent fiscal year, the Bank sanctioned 58 entities, including debarring one entity for a staggering There have been only two concluded enforcements for foreign bribery offenses in the United Kingdom during resulting in nine enforcement actions , and a third in which the Serious Fraud Office "SFO" has announced the closure of its investigation.

This, however, tells only a small part of the story of anti-corruption enforcement in the UK. For a more fulsome picture of the state of play, we encourage our readers to read our forthcoming Year-End UK White Collar Crime Alert, which will be released on January 11, According to the public allegations, between and , XYZ offered or paid bribes to secure 28 contracts in 7 foreign jurisdictions.

In , the parent company instituted a new global compliance program, which resulted in the discovery of the bribes. An internal investigation was launched and the company self-reported to the SFO and then continued to cooperate.

The company is unnamed because of ongoing criminal proceedings against individuals related to the company. The offenses were a mixture of giving corrupt payments under the Prevention of Corruption Act, as well as the section 1 and section 7 offenses under the Bribery Act. Bertling's business operations in that country.

The Pre-Trial Review is scheduled for July 20, However, on December 14, , the SFO announced that it had closed its investigation into Soma Oil and Gas on the basis of "insufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction. Kingston was sentenced to 12 months' incarceration. The provisions became effective on November 10, , with the exception of Article mandating compliance programs for certain companies--which will enter force in May For a detailed analysis of Loi Sapin II, please refer to our separate client alert: New French Anti-Corruption Regime.

The bill, which still needs to pass both German legislative bodies Bundestag and Bundesrat before entering into force, would substantially change the process for asset recovery by victims by providing that any kind of asset recovery will now be conducted exclusively by state authorities.

In Germany, it is a common practice for companies to designate external attorneys as ombudspersons to ensure that allegations conveyed to an ombudsperson are fully privileged and thus protected from access by state authorities. According to the complaint in this case, the company's ombudswoman, an external attorney, had received relevant information from a whistleblower, but kept it from the state investigators based on a claim of privilege.

Upon final seizure of the documentation by the prosecutor, the ombudswoman filed an appeal claiming a violation of the respective statutory restrictions arising from her capacity as an attorney and the whistleblower's trust in her professional confidentiality obligation. The Court ruled that the law did not protect the relationship between the non-accused, anonymous whistleblower and the attorney, because the court noted that the attorney was acting on behalf of the company in her capacity as the ombudswoman, which prevented the establishment of a privileged relationship between her and the whistleblower.

Dutch prosecutors alleged that VimpelCom and Telia made payments to Karimova through Takilant in return for allowing the Uzbek subsidiaries of VimpelCom and Telia to enter and operate in Uzbekistan. Those active in the region will know that Romania's National Anti-Corruption Directorate "NAD" is making a name for itself with its aggressive approach to anti-corruption investigations. We reported in our Year-End FCPA Update on the corruption investigation that led to the indictment of then-Prime Minister Victor Ponta on fraud and corruption charges and his subsequent resignation in November In September , NAD prosecutors announced that they were separately investigating allegations that Ponta misused his authority as Prime Minister and head of the Social Democratic Party to arrange for the visit of an international political figure to Romania.

In connection with this matter, in October , prosecutors seized real property belonging to Ponta. In addition to these matters, NAD is actively engaged in numerous anti-corruption investigations implicating U. Trial began on March 21, in the Swiss Federal Court in an aggressive case brought by the Swiss Office of the Attorney General against two current and former Gazprom executives, a former director of a subsidiary of ABB Group, and a former director of a subsidiary of Alstom, alleging that the former Alstom and ABB directors bribed the Gazprom executives between and in exchange for contracts related to the construction of a gas pipeline from Russia to Germany.

Notably, the alleged misconduct did not occur in Switzerland or involve Swiss persons, but nevertheless the prosecution asserted jurisdiction on the basis that portions of the bribes allegedly landed in Swiss bank accounts. On April 1 and July 12, the Court dismissed the charges against all of the defendants. The Court concluded that the Gazprom officers had not been acting as Russian state officials when the alleged bribes were paid.

On June 24, Nikita Belykh --three years into his second term as governor of the Kirov region--was arrested on bribery charges. Russia's Investigative Committee's spokesperson promptly refuted the notion that this arrest may have been politically motivated.

Nevertheless, media outlets have pointed out Belykh's involvement in the alleged embezzlement scheme that led to the trial and incarceration of his former adviser, Alexei Navalny , a prominent political activist and opposition leader, whose conviction was widely derided for its political motivations, before it was eventually vacated by Russia's Supreme Court.

Indeed, recent reports suggest that Belykh has received and rejected an offer to be released and placed under house arrest in return for providing testimony against Navalny; however, President Vladimir Putin's press secretary has adamantly repudiated these rumors. Belykh remains imprisoned as he awaits trial. Ulyukaev has since been placed under house arrest due to concerns about his access to and possible dissemination of government secrets.

Various media outlets have linked this arrest to the fact that Ulyukaev voiced his criticism of the government-operated Rosneft's acquisition of a controlling stake in Bashneft, prior to President Putin's approval of the transaction.

A report published by the agency showed that, as of July 29, , the NACB was involved in active proceedings, had issued 34 indictments, and had secured 2 convictions. As further evidence of the effects of anti-corruption reforms in Ukraine, government officials had submitted more than , declarations of personal assets and earnings by October 31, as required by a recently instituted law.

Although this constitutes just over a third of the intended yield there are around , government officials in Ukraine , of the active members of Ukraine's parliament submitted declarations, as did President Petro Poroshenko. Despite some concerns about the accuracy and completeness of some submissions, this mandatory declaration procedure certainly has resulted in increased transparency, offering the public and enforcement agency an unprecedented opportunity to scrutinize the sources and reasonableness of assets and earnings declared by Ukraine's government officials.

Indeed, based on the e-declarations, the NACB has recently launched criminal investigations against several government officials, including judges, for possible illegal enrichment. The Federal Criminal Appeals Court has rejected multiple efforts to reopen the late prosecutor's case. In an effort to further combat graft, in October the National Congress took up a series of proposed laws that would impose heavy sanctions on businesses that commit public-sector corruption.

Argentinian law historically has punished individuals involved in corruption, but not companies. Notably, the law is drafted to allow for more severe punishments if high-ranking officials within a company were aware of the corrupt practices, or if a company's corrupt practices led, directly or indirectly, to grave harm to the community or environmental damage.

The proposed laws will be considered in the coming months. Brazilian authorities continue to pursue Operation Car Wash, the largest corruption investigation in the nation's history.

We have covered Operation Car Wash extensively in previous updates, and the investigation remains front-page news across Latin America. To date, the investigation into alleged corruption involving contracts with state-owned oil company Petrobras and other state-owned companies has resulted in 1, investigative proceedings and has led to convictions, with sentences totaling more than 1, years in prison.

Perhaps most notably, former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva faces five separate indictments, with charges including corruption, influence peddling, and money laundering. As discussed above, in December , Brazilian petrochemical company Braskem S. Operation Car Wash has received extensive popular support within Brazil, as well as international acclaim. On November 30, , the Chamber of Deputies--during an overnight session--overwhelmingly passed an amended version of the Federal Public Ministry's "Ten Measures Against Corruption," a bill intended to increase the legal tools available to prosecute individuals and entities for corruption.

The Chamber of Deputies, however, passed a version of the bill that, among other things, limits the amount of fines, reduces successor liability, and--most controversially--introduces "abuse of authority" liability for prosecutors and judges. The "abuse of authority" provision prompted protests across Brazil, with the Car Wash Task Force threatening to collectively resign if the amended bill is signed into law.

On December 14, , Supreme Court Minister Luiz Fux issued an injunction ordering the legislature to debate the bill in its original form. The unit reportedly will receive technical assistance, training, and, possibly, financial support from the U.

Unlike the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala and the Mission to Support the Fight Against Corruption and Impunity in Honduras, which both are international organizations, the anti-impunity unit is composed solely of Salvadoran prosecutors.

Over the past year, the Attorney General's Office and the Supreme Court have pursued several corruption investigations of high-ranking government officials in El Salvador. They face charges including embezzlement, illicit association, and money laundering. In November, after a three-day preliminary hearing, Judge Nelly Pozas ordered the defendants' assets seized and ruled that all seven should continue to be incarcerated pending trial.

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It would be nice if you could get just one page showing your name, last 4 of account number, and a summary for each category ot even grand total amount so that if you have to show proof of total spent in it would not show every single transaction and you could actually prove that it was your account and your charges.

Not very well thought out in that aspect. I have to show Capital One my charges to get double miles and not sure if the Chase statment will work. I called Chase and there is no such thing. Tried your invitation for a year end summary, but try as I did I could not get it to come up. Cannot get my yearend report. Your system is unsatisfactory. What does one have to do to get a year end summary? Have tried for several years and so far have never seen one. I was attempting to download my yearend summary and believer I followed directions with no success.

Chase is a big reputable bank. I would expect better. Your email address will not be published. Chase Year End Summary Statement. I am unable to get my year end summary Reply. In their own words.

Man killed ex-wife at Penn State satellite campus day before child support hearing A woman who was shot and killed by her estranged husband at a Penn State satellite campus before he turned the gun on himself had become increasingly afraid for her safety, according to those close to her. Eric Hermick said year-old Lesli Kelly was on break from her shift at This past May, he was the Health Care Bethlehem medical marijuana dispensary prepares for patients Andrew Wagaman Part of the oath pharmacists take upon graduation goes like this: For it, Ian S.

Shoemaker will serve two to four years in state prison and five years of probation. Breaking News East Stroudsburg on death of pizza delivery man: Early the next morning, LaBar was mortally wounded while going about his job as a Domino's pizza delivery driver. Three people are now charged in his murder. The three allegedly phoned Domino's, pretending to place a delivery order, and The quake struck at Panicking people ran out of The bank is renewing That question faces federal lawmakers as the six months that President Donald Trump gave them to come up with a legislative fix for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program quickly dwindle.

Without a solution by March, some , people — Breaking News Federal judge in Pennsylvania temporarily blocks new Trump rules on birth control The Associated Press A federal judge in Philadelphia has ordered the Trump administration not to enforce new rules that could significantly reduce women's access to free birth control.

Judge Wendy Beetlestone issued the injunction on Friday temporarily stopping the government from enforcing the policy change to President Nothstein, a former Olympic cyclist and current Lehigh County commissioner, Help us figure out what happened to year-old Grace Packer.

With trials looming for those accused of killing Grace, that question may finally be answered. This is a full-blooded, joyous, intelligent celebration of a beloved cultural icon, with Daniel Craig taking full possession of a role he earlier played well in "Casino Royale," not so well in "Quantum" -- although it may not have been entirely his fault.

Or is it just that he's growing on me? I don't know what I expected. I don't know what I expected in Bond No. The movie's innovations begin in its first shots, which abandon the familiar stalking silhouettes in the iris lens, and hit the ground running.

Bond and another agent are in Istanbul, chasing a man who has stolen a crucial hard drive, and after a chase through city streets involving no less than three Fruit Cart Scenes , is running on top of a train.

We know from earlier films that Bond can operate almost anything, but "Skyfall" incredibly has him commandeer of a giant Caterpillar and continue the chase by crushing a flatcar filled with VW Beetles. It's the kind of absurd stunt we expect in a Bond movie, but this one relies on something unexpected: After an enemy agent grabs Bond as a human shield, M's other agent, Eve Naomie Harris , has both men in her gun sights.

The stakes are very high. Bond seems to die, although since this happens around the minute mark, we're not very surprised that he doesn't.


Time has passed her by, she's older, and her new boss, Mallory Ralph Fiennes , convenes a public! It's time for a generation to be put out to pasture. Even Q and, as it turns out, Miss Moneypenny are practically kids. M is not quite ready to retire, and "Skyfall" at last provides a role worthy of Judi Dench, one of the best actors of her generation. She is all but the co-star of the film, with a lot of screen time, poignant dialogue, and a character who is far more complex and sympathetic than we expect in this series.

The film is guided by a considerable director Sam Mendes , written by the heavyweights Neal Purvis , Robert Wade and John Logan , and delivers not only a terrific Bond but a terrific movie, period.

If you haven't seen a for years, this is the time to jump back in. There's a theory that you can grade the Bonds on the quality of their villains. Here he plays a bleached blond computer whiz who stole the drive containing the guarded identities of every MI6 agent. Are we supposed to think of Julian Assange? This is a brand-new Bond with love and respect for the old Bond. This is dramatized during Bond's visit to the weathered Scottish mansion inhabited by Kincade Albert Finney , which has secrets to divulge and continues the movie's rewriting of the character's back story.

During the early Bonds, did we ever even ask ourselves about 's origins in life? Just as Christopher Nolan gave rebirth to the Batman movies in " The Dark Knight ," here is James Bond lifted up, dusted off, set back on his feet and ready for another 50 years. And am I completely misguided when I expect to see Miss Moneypenny become a Bond girl in the next film? I'm double-posting my review of "Skyfall" to encourage comments, which my main site can't accept.

I was able to confirm if the stuff that I bought from was considered a home improvement store. Dining was the next on the list and I made a mental to go through and just check the diners that showed up on this list.

One thing to note is that my year end summary for my British Airways Visa is also available, but it is not so interesting to show because all I did was toe meet their spending requirements to get their , bonus miles and I have used it sparingly since then. Everyone should have gotten their year end summary statements by now. Go through them, check your spending patterns and you may discover a couple of interesting things like I have.

Once you have created an account, you can login and you should be able to get the year end summary. It would be nice if you could get just one page showing your name, last 4 of account number, and a summary for each category ot even grand total amount so that if you have to show proof of total spent in it would not show every single transaction and you could actually prove that it was your account and your charges.

Not very well thought out in that aspect. I have to show Capital One my charges to get double miles and not sure if the Chase statment will work. I called Chase and there is no such thing. Tried your invitation for a year end summary, but try as I did I could not get it to come up.

Cannot get my yearend report. Your system is unsatisfactory. What does one have to do to get a year end summary? Have tried for several years and so far have never seen one.

I was attempting to download my yearend summary and believer I followed directions with no success. Chase is a big reputable bank. I would expect better. Your email address will not be published. Chase Year End Summary Statement. I am unable to get my year end summary Reply.

I cannot find anywhere to input my account data to get my year end statement. Good point and good luck on the Capital One , miles.


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Oct 26,  · If the final version of the bill favors large-scale, dramatic projects sited in huge metro areas like Osaka, Yokohama or Tokyo, the companies listed above are by far the best qualified to deliver. Look for this news before year’s end, or if delayed to , by 1Q 3. Passage of the enabling legislation. This is a biggie. It could come by early United States Senate elections, The winners will serve six-year terms from January 3, The seats up for election in were last up for election in. HOPEWELL — The general election is nearly a year a decision at the end of the month on whether Casino opened earlier this year despite.

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