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During times of economic down turns, people may begin to consider what it is like to have money problems, or even to be poor, or not. Poverty is a complicated subject. What is poverty in one nation is plenty in another. To further complicate the subject, the causes of poverty are many and diverse. Just because a person may be considered poor does not mean they are needy.

We need, but not necessarily are needy, some definitions and example culled from the Bible. Poverty is often defined by the government or governing authorities. In ancient Israel, poor were judge according to the truth, or the Truth.

In this definition, the word for poor is dal, Virtual Casino $50 No Deposit Bonus Code definition I embedded within the verse containing the word. These are the needy because they are weak, feeble or oppressed either externally or from internal problems like health.

These have not contributed by their actions or attitudes to their impecuniousness. Some poor remain without great means but neither are destitute and in need of help. Some may want to help these poor, but that is a problem. Would the help interfere with their innate ability to resolve their problems and make them dependent and lazy.

Or, would their help make them better fishermen. We need to understand who is needy or not. The word for poor in the following definition is miskane. These poor seem to have insight and wisdom, but because of their economic position people refrain from heeding them.

Yet these poor are lacking only in material goods, which may or may not be necessary for the good life. The following definition of rushfor poor, talks about being in want but not necessarily in need of essentials — food, clothing and shelter. While the Bible often talks of the crooked rich, integrity can an innate feature of all people, if they will.

Another Hebrew word for poor is ani, which is also translated as poor. In some cases, it is translated afflicted in reference to animals. When the afflicted need the necessities, they should receive special consideration as the following verse notes.

The last Hebrew word for poor Maximum Stake Casino X Slots Inferno Codes ebyon. These poor lack one or more of the basics of food, clothing and shelter. They are poor because they, too, are afflicted in circumstance outwardly or inwardly. Anything from nature to government brought these poor to their situation, and because they cannot alleviate their circumstance by themselves, they need help.

The people who are unable to obtain their basic necessities, need help.

In ancient times, the Levite could not grow his food or build his shelter because, obviously, he inherited no land, as did the rest of Israel. His inheritance was to be a Levite and serve God and His People. Therefore, God decreed that the people would provide for their sustenance and other needs. We know that part of the tithe then went to the Levites. Under certain definitions, the Levites would be considered poor, but not poor in service to God and Israel.

God, because Israel was an alien in Egypt, decreed aliens, as receiving particular advantage. The Bible defines aliens as sojourners, who live according to Israeli laws and behave as residents. Obviously, those who are poor due to their station in life must be helped. The Bible considers the orphans, children without parents for whatever reason, must receive food, clothing and shelter by the goodness of those who can provide for them.

Today, some countries have the state provide programs and shelter for them. These are variously called child services organizations. When a woman loses her husband, and she has no one to provide for her because she might be one of the few who has no experience in providing for herself, at least at first, which might be marketable, would need help until she would able to care for herself, she became poor through no fault of her own. Poverty can overtake people by circumstance beyond their control.

These poor should be taken care Maximum Stake Casino X Slots Inferno Codes. There are other poor that may have brought their situation upon themselves. Their poverty is unfortunate but not beyond their own control, as we will see later.

Poverty comes upon people through no fault or blame of their own. They may become injured and unable to work, or worse yet they may have been born with a debilitating illness preventing them from taking care of themselves. These poor need help not fault finding. As people age, if they were foolish enough not to plan for their old age, they may be unable to Jack Of Hearts Casino Verite Software Informer for themselves.

While the fault for their poverty rests with them, still they should not be homeless and hungry.

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The same is true when drought or other unknown circumstances come upon people, who then find themselves poor. These, too, are responsible for their indigence, but should not be allowed to starve.

On the other hand, the example of assisting people who have brought their problems upon themselves maybe the wrong example to send to some. Others looking at those who have only lived for the moment and not prepared for the future set an example to them never to imitate that kind of foolish behavior.

Other afflictions come upon even the most careful, which deserve help. Furthermore, God attends to the misery afflicted upon them and blesses those who are equally moved by their reaction to their plight.

Of course, those who become poor cannot hope to live at the same standard they were once used to. The aged may have to live with their children, other relatives, the concerned younger ones or some sort of agency to take care of them. At the same time those assisting the poor, must not take advantage of them as the following verses attest. Natural calamities become secondary to calamities derived from a source one should not expect, from their rulers and government.

Without going into copious example, modern governments, like autocratic rulers of old, tend to cause teems of people to become poor and destitute. And, while we often cannot fight the injustices governments bring, we can step up to save the poor from hunger and destitution brought upon them. Some of the wealthiest people in history are rulers that take property, goods and money from their own people, who have the same national identity and racial characteristics.

They kill and steal from their own, like their own children. Even in democratic governments, many legislators, executives and judges have chequered pasts filled with graft and abuse. Adding to these miscarriages of justice, those outside of government find many ways to influence those in government by illegal means.

Enormous guilt rests upon these wicked rulers and governments and, where possible, citizens must first attend to the ominous results and then find ways to change rulers and government policies by whatever means possible — hopefully peaceably. A tiny few, however, take the money contributed and use it for personal gain, in effect robbing both the contributor and the poor. Here injustice is compounded by abuse and robbery.

Among these a few use contributed monies for real help for the poor. These poor found poverty desperately seeking them out through no fault of their own. Not all wealthy gain their affluence by thievery and oppression, but by hard work and concern for others. Many, however, obtain fortunes by evil means, which hurt any who may get in their way or interfere with their prosperity and its increase. Wealth and the desire to gain it can become an addiction to some, which makes them revel in its increase at any cost.

In fact, these continue along the line of their primary mentor, Satan. The root of the love of money is the demon:. And they will draw their swords Against the beauty of your wisdom And defile your splendor. Furthermore, the love of money, God equates with idolatry, i.

The greedy have the propensity to oppress and steal from all, especially the Maximum Stake Casino X Slots Inferno Codes who have less power than those with greater possessions. Jesus tells the story of Lazarus, a poor man, whom the rich man within the gates gave no assistance to him. He kept Lazarus in a state of poverty by his inaction, for whatever reason. God rewarded his negligence properly in the Las Vegas Usa Casino No Deposit Bonus time.

Furthermore, poverty does not relegate itself to material goods, for a person can be poor in other aspects, such as, looks, personality, social skills, adroitness and so forth. Some people just like to oppress others for reasons we can only guess.

Maybe it makes them feel important or perhaps they are sadistic. Nonetheless the poor seem unable to escape their circumstances. For some the oppression can lead Maximum Stake Casino X Slots Inferno Codes a stimulus to change their attitude and behavior; for others they cannot change their weaknesses and infirmities no matter how hard they may try.

Situations such as injury, illness, age, drought, famine, affliction can cause people to be needy through no fault of their own. We need to differentiate from those who are poor because of circumstances beyond their control like widows and orphans, disasters and drought, oppressed and afflicted from those who make themselves poor by their attitudes and life styles.

The next article will deal with those bring poverty upon themselves and beg so they will not have to gain independence by doing right. Even so, not all the poor deem themselves needy or in need of assistance. These will live within their means, even if it means living frugally. While some poor cannot control the situation they are in, others became indigent because of their own attitudes and actions.

The above verse makes us wonder why God chooses to make certain people poor and others are rich. Our particular interest is in the poor. This article attempts to define the reasons people make themselves poor and remain that way. As we know the creation embodies the Commandments because God created his world out of His very Nature and made the Commandments growing out of that Nature as its foundation.

For example, a person would not jump off a tall building with out a parachute or a tether of some sort perhaps because the law of gravity would cause the person to fall rapidly to the ground at an acceleration of 32 feet per second, per second and kill him. The moral laws of God are not as obvious.

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