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I sincerely hope that I am because I have never heard a bad word about Booker T. In general I enjoy tag team wrestling a lot. My comments about Booker T are based on this; I do not believe that he is a big enough star to drastically swing the ratings. I do not believe that he is a big enough star to overcome the poor decisions that TNA makes. I am not a fan of the booking or the production of the show. The latest news is that they have added Mike Tenay to the booking team and Abyss as well.

However, I do believe that throwing even the most competent person in to the cloak and dagger meetings that TNA holds can only lead to complication. I do not now nor will I ever believe Reel Power Casino Kursaal Oostende Programmatie Decascoop the committee theory in Wrestling.

It should be a sole person who is responsible. I am sure almost anyone in that position would ask for input from people and then make his or her decisions. If you put more than one person in charge its normal for them all to want to lead the way.

They believe they have equivalent power that can only lead to problems. How many of them have the capacity to rationalize out that the other guy has a better plan when they hear it presented. I implore Dixie Carter for the good of the wrestling business please get your hands around what its going to take for your company to get to the next level. I will give you one hint Dixie for you to accomplish your goal some of the people in your employ now need to be released or managed a lot better.

In previous matches when Flair has had a shot at the title it appears the fans have really been into it. They were all hoping the veteran could pull one more victory out of his bag of tricks. It might be an idea to put the title on Flair and leave it there until Cena comes back and than let the legend pass the torch to the man WWE is looking to have carry them through the rest of this decade and perhaps farther.

In the mean time get Flair back on TV put the belt on him and for the sake of wrestling fans everywhere let him cut his own promos. It went a lot more in depth then Maximum Stake Casino X Club Wrestling Dominator referencing tables etc. I found it to be quite a petty maneuver. I was told this by Bubba Ray and I am sure that he told me what he believed to be the truth.

You see at basically In this case WWE knew for quite awhile what we were planning to do and they contacted us at the last minute.

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I will tell you how that situation got settled in my next article. I had asked Bruno Sammartino to make an appearance that night as a special referee. Thunderfoot 2 Gene Ligon in a three way dance. It is felt by RRO that the overall product is to blame for the low crowds and ratings.

No, promotions should reveal everyone before the show so they can promote those being there. Posted by Brian Tramel at Suprisingly, that was Mike Quackenbush's idea as he brought it up first and TFW quickly agreed to it.

They're even going to promote the show on their website for TFW. The show will also be released through SmartMarkVideo and is usually their most bought and attended show of the year. Posted by Brian Tramel at 7: Thursday, November 15, More on Mike Anthony!! As the source that sent this in said, "Pretty freakin' amazing the twisted world this guy lives in. He's a wrestler, a reverend, a lawyer, a satanist and a rock star impersonator and a savior of abused women?!?

You can't make this stuff up, it is just too bizarre! Posted by Brian Tramel at 4: Shows for The Weekend Drop me a line and join RRO for what looks to be a good show. Excitement, Hillybilly Nate and more.

Doors open at 6: Doors open at 7: All taking place this Saturday night bell time 7: Derrick King is not the only person helping put this together, but he is the major force and intermediary between all the promotions.

He is the common dominator. If you are a regular visitor of this site, then take time to go out and buy a toy to bring to one of these events. DK is trying to line up talent for all four shows, that you can see a mix of legends and see some of the best local talent in this area. It is up to the current talent pools to make sure that these people will be entertained along with all the regular fans.

They all came out of the woodwork defending their honor. To paraphrase an old saying about when a lot of people are accused of something the person being offended is the person that is doing it. It seems like the more successful one becomes, then the more trouble it brings. This promotion did not charge admission, but it has to be considered successful in the sense of paying the bills and drawing a crowd. The promotion becomes successful and then everything within starts to explode.

It is sometimes the workers, sometimes the promoters, but it always something that tears it apart. Do you know why I consider Memphis Wrestling the top dog in the area?? It might not be the top promotion I like to watch, but it does keep going on.

Does it draw the big crowds or ratings?? No way, but they will be celebrating their fifth year in business next May and that not a small feat. Many of them are probably are true. I do try to present an honest opinion of a situation. It might not be the way you see it, as we all see perceive things different. You and I could sit together and watch a movie and get two different things out of it.

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  • It could have been higher to omit this altogether.

It only makes it really screwed up when it is not the person that is telling the story that is embellishing; it is usually the author of the story. As much as it would make some people happy that I would have heat with Brody Hawk or Psycho, I am sad to say that is not the case. They highly respect what I do and know that I am going to call it that way I see it no matter what it is.

Those two guys were lucky that nothing worse happened to them. After talking with both of these guys, I am of the belief that both guys are either braver or just plain crazier than me. I ask if he thought he would draw more because they were going to be there. But, so what; right?? At least they are taking the chance and bringing in some guys to work. Apparently the guys got another show on Sunday, but are coming in early to do this one.

It is good to see a local promotion try to broaden their fans and reach out to a mostly Northeastern promotion.

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Posted by Brian Tramel at 3: This show had become talk in this area, because they always drew a good crowd. It was free show and the question on whether this might be the model for some of the low drawing promotions were in question. The best I can figure out though from other sources there was more going on than meets the eye here. Luke Jr, as always, as the opportunity to respond, but has not as of yet. It also can be reached by the main site page. Starr works you a little more than most writers on this site, but I think the visitors that are not familiar with him will enjoy his writing.

And, if the Commercial Appeal can post it, then I guess it is good enough for this site. This is a legit organization and toys will be distributed to needy children all over the Memphis area. I do plan to attend the Thursday and Friday events. Posted by Brian Tramel at 6: It was written by a guy that was "inside" the business more a friend to the boys. His identity will stay kayfabebut I thought it was something everyone would find of interest, especially with all the scandals of this year.

It was a big joke about Vicious that everytime when softball season rolled around he would be "injured" and couldn't wrestle. So, we came up with the perfect gimmick for him. If there is anyone that worked the old CCW or against these guys in one form or another and wants to add something, then drop me an e-mail.

Posted by Brian Tramel at 5: Memphis Wrestling TV This is the first time this year that we have seen a good rating after a good rating. The only bad spot of this whole show is that the fourth quarter dropped almost 14, viewers. I hate that for them, because that was the best quarter of the show for wrestling.

Even with the big dip in the 4th quarter, they still ended the show with almost 5, more viewers. Hopefully this is signs that the Memphis Wrestling show is back on track. There have been rumors of a new booker, new shows and other things going on backstage, so it will be interesting to see if those things transpire and help the promotion.

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