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Timeline of Florida Return to home Facts: The site was nearly miles inland. Within a hundred years rising water flooded the village and sealed the remains under a layer of clay. They escaped from Florida to Cuba in the early s after Spanish soldiers and other tribes overran their region. Juan Ponce de Leon, Spanish explorer, discovered Florida and planted orange and lemon trees there. Augustine, Floridawas born. He landed near present-day Tampa Bay and proceeded through what is now Alabama and Tennessee, making treaties with some Indian, viciously fighting with others.

In Lippincott published "Narratives of de Soto in Florida. The location of the Spanish settlement founded in the area of Pensacola, Fl.

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The French took advantage of the opportunity. French artist Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues was part of the expedition.

Menendez was under orders from Phillip II to oust the French. Spanish forces under Pedro Menendez massacred a band of French Huguenots that posed a potential threat to Spanish hegemony in the area. They also took advantage of the local Timucuan Indian tribe. Artist Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues managed to escape and return to France, where he painted watercolors depicting the local botany.

His alleged paintings of Indians living nearby were later thrown into question. The garrison withdrew in Augustine, Florida, was established. Fort San Juan was burned down by the Catawba after about 18 months. Santa Elena was the first capital of Spanish colonial Florida. It was one of five forts built during the year history of the early settlements of Santa Elena, the first capital of Spanish colonial Florida. It focused on the French settlement of Fort Caroline. The book included 42 engravings said to be based on water color paintings by Jacques de Moyne de Morgues d.

Moyne also provided a narrative and a map. The map identified Florida as "the Land of Flowers" and put China at the center of the world. Ricci was among the first Westerners to live in what is now Beijing in the early s. He became known for introducing Western science to China. The Santa Margarita, discovered off of Key West in by pioneering shipwreck salver Mel Fisher, was bound for Spain when it sank in a hurricane in Quaker merchant Jonathan Dickinson along with his family, 11 slaves, 8 seamen and Capt.

Joseph Kirle were on route to Philadelphia from Jamaica. They were taken to a village, near present-day Vero Beach, and encountered castaways from the bark Nantwich, which had sailed from Port Royal in the same convoy.

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They arrive on Nov 19 after 5 people died from exposure enroute. It had delivered captured Africans to a slave broker in Jamaica in exchange for sugar and other goods bound for England. The wreck was found in Some Apalachee fled west to French-held Mobile.

Hurricanes forced the Spanish to repeatedly rebuild.

The War of Jenkins' Ear. In a site on Hutchinson Island, inhabited by the Ais, revealed 2 thousand year old burials. Settlers there had rebelled against Spanish authority.

Andrew Jackson captured St. Andrew Jackson captured Pensacola, Florida. Spanish minister Do Luis de Onis and U. Spain renounced claims to Oregon Country. Jesup's trickery outraged the American public.

Several US states had loaded up on unsustainable debt following an extended period of easy credit. These states consequently found payments on their existing bonds increasingly unaffordable. Between and Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Pennsylvania and one territory — a proto-state called Florida — defaulted. The slaves were taken to Key West for 3 months and then returned to Africa. They elected Jefferson Davis as president of Confederacy.

Augustine, Florida, surrendered to Union Casinos In Jacksonville Florida Boating Accident Nfl. John Newton were routed by entrenched southerners. Johnson was killed by a shotgun blast to the face. Hayes and Democrat Samuel Tilden was very close. The Florida result would determine the national outcome. A questionable vote count in Florida ended and Hayes was ahead by votes.

The Democratic attorney general validated the Tilden electors. The Democratic legislature ordered a recount and named Mr. Under the terms of the Tilden-Hayes Election Compromise, Hayes became president and the Republicans agreed to remove the last Federal troops from Southern territory, ending Reconstruction.

On election night,it was clear that Tilden had won the popular vote, but it was also clear that votes in Florida, Louisiana, South Carolina and Oregon were fraudulent because of voter intimidation.

Republicans knew that if the electoral votes from these four states were thrown out, Hayes would win. The country hovered near civil war as both Democrats and Republicans claimed victory. Illustrator Thomas Nast drew his cartoon, "Tilden or Blood," showing the Democrats threatening violence. Hayes was declared winner of the presidential election over Democrat Samuel J. Tilden, even though Tilden had won the popular vote Disston also purchased outright from the Casino Gratis Zipping Up My Boots Music four million acres of overflowed lands at 25 cents an acre.

He dug 80 miles of drainage canals before he ran out of money. He would only serve a small portion of the sentence.

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Commodore, a small American ship used to smuggle weapons to Cuba, sank off the coast of Florida. Writer Stephen Crane was aboard, along with a crew of 11 and 16 Cuban rebel soldiers. Growers then switched to orange trees. Swift authored "Florida Fancy. Theodore Roosevelt set aside the 5 acres of Pelican Island to protect pelicans and other birds from hunters.

This began the wildlife refuge system that grew to national wildlife refuges in Cloud, Florida, was founded as a colony for Union veterans. Some prominent investors from Washington, D.

In response to advertisements in the National Tribune, the nationally distributed newspaper of the Grand Army of the Republic a large organization for Union veterans commonly called the GARmore than 1, former soldiers in blue bought land in St.

As a serial entrepreneur he developed much of Miami Beach. The first part was titled "Killing Mr. He was a key figure in the development of the eastern coast of Florida along the Atlantic Ocean and was founder of what became the Florida East Coast Railway. He is known as the father of Miami, Florida. LP, Springp. Scheduled service on the first winged airline, the St.

Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line, treated a passenger or two to a wooden seat, fresh Florida air, and salt spray in the face. The local government acquired the villa in and turned it into a museum. Catts won the election for governor on the Prohibition Party ticket. He lost the Democratic primary following a recount to William Knott, whom he initially led. The state Supreme Court ruled Knott the winner of the primary by 21 votes.

Catts was later accused of nepotism and replied: He claimed Catholics were storing arms in a Tampa cathedral. By the next day a number of residents, black and white, lay dead. The all-black town of Rosewood, a north Florida community of people, was burned to the ground. A white woman fearful of being caught in an affair, falsely claimed that she was raped and beaten by a black man. Violence exploded as a white mob tried to string up a black man for information on an alleged rape.

At least 6 black and 2 white died and almost every building was burned. In the event was recreated in the film "Rosewood" by John Singleton.

The 3-leged chair was built by convicts. Davis put up 2 island developments for sale near Tampa, Florida. The category 4 storm became known as the Great Miami Hurricane. A levee broke and some 1, people drowned.

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  1. Family and friends refused to give up the search for two NFL players and a third man missing four days in the Gulf of Mexico, enlisting private boats and planes to comb the waters off the Florida coast after the Coast Guard stopped its official search Tuesday. ADVERTISEMENT. The lone survivor said two of  Missing: casinos ‎jacksonville.:
    A combination of errors is being blamed for the boating accident that killed two NFL players and a friend Missing: casinos ‎jacksonville. Survivor Found In NFL Boating Accident. In this photo released by the U.S. Coast Guard, shows former University of South Florida football player Nick Schuyler clinging to the engine of an overturned boat in the Gulf of Mexico, as the U.S. Coast Guard approaches, Monday March 2, Schuyler, Marquis  Missing: casinos ‎jacksonville. Authorities say one person died and three others were injured after a dinghy and a boat collided. Coast Guard and county officials provided no other details about the collision that occurred roughly a quarter mile from Casino Point, on the island that is a popular getaway just over 20 miles from the.
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    Barnes and Noble; BestBuy; Gap; Kohl's; Macy's; Newegg; Radio Shack Browse All Stores Casinos in jacksonville florida boat accident Boost your winnings with this gambling site Jacksonville Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette made his (preseason) NFL debut on Casino news singapore Casino online jackpot city. Hotwl In Jacksonville Florida \'Baby sitters\' were a fact of life during the NFL-AFL bidding warsRepresentatives from all 13 NFL teams were in town to attend the NFL Championship Game. Hotrl In . Hotel Ih Jacksonville Florida florida boating accident attorney florida boating accident attorney Fletcher, assistant GM for. c The Calusa Indians of southern Florida avoided the Mississippian transformation and maintained their ancient lifeways based on fishing and collecting. Robert Rozier, a former NFL football player, changed his name to Neariah Israel and murdered 8 people to prove himself to a sect of Yahweh Ben Yahweh.
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    January 17, Retired Admiral John B. Hayes (76) was struck by a van and killed as he was hiking in Key Largo, Florida. As commandant of the Coast Guard from February 3, Singer Gene Hughes (67) of the Casinos doo-wop group died after a car accident in Nashville, Tennessee. February 5, Actor Dirk.
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Dancer and actress June Preisser 61 died in an automobile accident. Christian musician Rich Mullins 41 died in a car accident. Famous kidnapped victim Steven Stayner died in a motorcycle accident ten years after being freed from a seven-year captivity. Former Detroit Tigers third baseman Aurelio Rodriguez 52 died after being hit by a car that jumped a sidewalk on the southwest side of Detroit, Michigan. A woman companion and another pedestrian were also hit and were hospitalized in critical condition.

Actor Mark Frankel 34 died in a motorcycle accident. Actor Tim Choate 50 died in a motorcycle accident. He appeared in various episodes of Babylon 5 and Crusade.

Blues singer Bessie Smith 43 died from injuries sustained in a car crash when a white hospital refused to tend to her.

Eight University of Wyoming track and cross-country runners were killed when a drunken student lost control of his pickup and veered into the oncoming lane of U. His pickup slammed headon into the sports utility vehicle carrying the runners.

James Stacy , star of Lancer TV series, was struck by a drunk driver while he and his girlfriend were motorbike riding. The crash took the life of Stacy's girlfriend and severed his left arm and leg. Metallica bass player Cliff Burton 24 was killed when the band's tour bus flipped over on an icy road in Sweden.

Mack 75 was killed in England when he was struck by a car. As he was driving 80 mph on a narrow two-lane road, Atlanta Thrashers hockey star Dany Heatley 22 lost control of his Ferrari, spun off the road, and crashed into a brick and iron fence.

The car split in half, throwing Heatley and his passenger Thrashers forward Dan Snyder 25 into the road. Snyder died six days later on October 5th from massive brain injuries sustained in the accident.

He never regain consciousness. Heatley underwent surgery for a broken jaw as well as torn ligaments in his right knee. Those injuries, as well as a charge of vehicular homicide, would keep him off the ice for the season.

Actor and cultural icon James Dean died of a broken neck when his Porsche Spyder hit a Ford car trying to make a left turn on a California highway. The driver of the Ford had only minor injuries and Dean's passenger, mechanic Rolf Wutherich, was thrown clear of the car.

Race car driver Jim Packard 29 was killed when his car flipped during a qualifying run for a midget race at Fairfield, Illinois. Stribling 28 was killed in a motorcycle accident. He was second in all-time knockouts with surpassed only by Archie Moore. Model and actress Claudia Jennings , aka Mary Eileen Chesterton 29 , died when she fell asleep while driving on Pacific Coast Highway, crossed the center line, and was hit by a van. Seymour Cray 71 , father of supercomputing and founder of Cray Research, died of a car accident.

Pittsburgh Pirates baseball pitcher Robert Moose Jr. Austrian politician Joerg Haider 58 died in a car accident. Silent movie star Tom Mix died in an automobile accident while driving between Tucson and Florence, Arizona. His Cord plunged into a gully after he ignored warnings about a bridge being out due to road work. A suitcase from the back seat crushed his head as the car plunged into the gully. The gully has since been renamed as Tom Mix Wash. Florida football defensive back Michael Guilford 19 died in a motorcycle accident.

Racing between two other trucks, Roper was knocked sideways and crashed head-on into the concrete wall. He was driving one of 15 cards involved in massive crash between turns 1 and 2 or lap His car flew high into the fence before landing upside down on the edge of the wall. Wheldon's helmet hit the wall, causing an unsurvivable head injury. South African reggae legend Lucky Dube 43 was shot in an attempted carjacking in Rosettenville in Johannesburg, while dropping off two of his children at their uncle's house.

Middleweight boxing champ Harry Greb 30 , known as The Human Windmill, died on the operating table during surgery to repair a fractured nose sustained during an automobile accident. Turkish ambassador Ismail Erez was killed by a car bomb in Paris, France. NBC News correspondent and anchorwoman Jessica Savitch 36 drowned when the car she was riding in went into a canal and flipped over making it impossible for her to escape.

Chadwick Shawn Hess 30 , the pilot for the U. Hot Air Balloon Team, was killed in a collision. While driving his sports car at a high speed, he hit an embankment, his car rolled, and he was thrown from the car. Berry died three days later on October 31st.

In and , he had been named by Metronome magazine to the All-Star Bands for those years. Screenwriter Paul Jerrico 82 was killed in a car accident. In the s, he was blacklisted by the McCarthyites. He was the producer of the award-winning movie Salt of the Earth. Entertainer, author, and comedian Steve Allen 78 was driving to Encino, California to see his son Bill when his car was struck by a sports utility vehicle backing out of a driveway. The impact of the hit ruptured a blood vessel in Allen's chest, allowing blood to leak into the sac surrounding his heart.

He died later that evening. Allen was the creator and first host of the Tonight Show, was a prolific songwriter, and was married to actress Jayne Meadows. He lost control of his Reynard-Mercedes coming off a turn, skidded onto the infield grass, went airborne, and crashed into a retaining wall. Comic author Ryan Richard Carriere 32 was killed when a truck struck him while he was bicycling in Toronto, Ontario.

The majority of Carriere's comics output was mini-comics and contributions to small press anthologies. The female driver of the car was injured in the accident, but survived. Country and western singer Johnny Horton 35 died in a head-on collision with a drunken driver on a bridge near Milano, Texas. The wife of Indianapolis Colts rookie Steve Muhammad, Nichole Muhammad died three days after driving her car into a telephone pole. Injuries from the car accident forced her into premature labor.

Her baby was stillborn and Nichole bled to death after the delivery. Steve was a backup special teams player for the football Colts. Jamie Hemingway 29 , coach of the Park University women's soccer team of Parkville, Missouri, and two players Melanie Meyer , 18, and Cynthia Anderson , 18 were killed in a head-on collision with a pickup truck while traveling to a postseason tournament.

Actor and rapper Merlin Santana 26 , was shot six times and killed when he was sitting in a parked car in south Los Angeles. Injured as a result of the alcohol-induced accident, he did stay alive for a few days longer on life support, but he never recovered consciousness, dying on the 13th. Berry Oakley 24 , bassist for the Allman Brothers band, was killed in a motorcycle accident in Macon, Georgia. The accident occurred only three blocks from the spot where Duane Allman had died in a similar accident in Laboratory technician, union activist, and nuclear informant Karen Silkwood 28 , made famous by the movie Silkwood , was killed in an automobile accident while on her way to meet with a New York Times reporter and an official with the Atomic Energy Commission.

During her work as the first female member of the union bargaining committee at Kerr-McGee Nuclear Corporation, she had discovered evidence of spills, leaks, and missing plutonium. Circumstances surrounding her accident were suspicious, but an inquiry revealed no clear evidence. Meyer also wrote books on death and dying, raising adolescents, and the role of the modern church.

Marvin Page, casting director of such movies as Breakfast at Tiffany's and Take the Money and Run , died of injuries he sustained in a car crash a month earlier. Apparently his car had hit a construction sign, scraping his car door and knocking off a hub cap.

When he got out to inspect the damage, he lost his balance and fell into the Mississippi River. A passing wheeler might have caused a draft that knocked him off his balance. His body wasn't discovered until December 20th when it snagged on a tree near a hydroelectric plant in Vidalia, Louisiana, about miles south of Memphis.

A professor of biochemistry and biophysics, Wiley had won the Japan Prize for his work on how the human immune system works. Her car crashed into a pole. She was pronounced dead at the nearby Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. The world's first jet-vs-jet ace, Colonel James Jabara of the U. Air Force, was killed when his year-old daughter lost control of their Volkswagon while driving through a construction zone. The car rolled several times. Jabara was pronounced dead on arrival at the Delray, Florida hospital; his daughter Carol died two days later.

Jabara scored 15 air-to-air jet victories during the Korean War. He lost control of his Volvo and crashed into a fence after a metal pipe crashed through his windshield. The pipe, which had been lying on the highway, was kicked up by another car. Pakula directed films such as Klute and All the President's Men. William Douglas 53 , the tour bus driver for singer Miley Cyrus, was killed when he suffered a heart attack and the bus overturned on a highway in Dinwiddie County, Virginia.

No one else was killed in the accident. Movie stuntman Dar Robinson 39 , known as the King of the Movie Daredevils for his work in Burt Reynolds movies, was killed in a motorcycle accident.

If you are a former New York Giant baseball player, you might want to stay at home on this date. Radio newscaster Doug Doench 57 , aka Dough Anthony, was hit by a car and killed while walking near his home in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kennedy was shot in the head while riding in a motorcade through downtown Dallas, Texas.

Kennedy died at the hospital. Texas Governor John Connelley was also shot but not killed. Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the killing, but this case has brought forth more conspiracy theories than any other in history. In , Barack Obama, Sr. A few months earlier, Obama lost both legs in an automobile accident, and subsequently lost his job. Boxing legend Hector "Macho" Camacho 50 died four days after being shot in the head while sitting in a car outside a bar in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. A friend was also killed in what police considered a drug incident.

Anti-war activist, co-founder of the Yippies, and one of the Chicago Seven protestors, Jerry Rubin 56 was killed when he was hit by a car. Strock 87 died of heart failure following a car accident. Actor Paul Walker 40 and Roger Rodas 38 , owner of Always Evolving sports car dealership, were killed in a one-car accident caused by driving at high speed.

Their Porsche jumped a curb and crashed into a light pole before bursting into flames. The first heart transplant performed by Dr. Christiaan Barnard used the heart of a young woman who had been killed in an automobile crash. Grammy-winning guitarist Michael Hedges 43 was killed in a car accident. Indiana novelist Geneva Grace Stratton-Porter 61 , author of A Girl from Limberlost, The Song of the Cardinal, Swamp Angel , and other young adult novels, died from injuries she had suffered in a traffic accident when her limousine was hit by a trolley car in Los Angeles, California.

Former San Francisco Giants shortstop Jose Uribe 47 was killed when his sports utility vehicle crashed about 3: Character actor Percy Kilbride 76 of the Ma and Pa Kettle movie series, died when he was hit by a car. Paula Grober , President Clinton's speech interpreter for the deaf, died in a one-car accident.

She had apparently been driving at a rather high speed. Sebald 57 was killed when his car swerved into oncoming traffic and hit a truck in Norfolk, England. He might have suffered a heart attack, causing him to swerve. His daughter Anna was also seriously injured in the accident.

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry 26 died in the morning of December 17th from severe head injuries suffered after falling out of the rear end of a truck the prior afternoon in Charlotte, North Carolina. Singing cowboy star Rex Allen Sr. Allen had a heart attack and fell behind a parked car. The friend didn't know Allen was there as backed out of his drive. Former Indianapolis car builder and owner Grant King 67 , died from injuries he suffered after he disregarded a stop sign, pulled into the path of a pickup truck, struck a fence, and flipped over several times.

Race car driver Stan Fox 48 was killed in an automobile accident in New Zealand. British actor Desmond Llewelyn 85 , who played gadget master Q in seventeen James Bond movies, was killed in a head-on car crash near Firle, England. American general George Patton died in a Heidelberg, Germany military hospital after being injured in a three-vehicle accident on December 9th where he was the only person hurt. He and his chief of staff, major general Hobart "Hap" Gay were going on a pheasant-hunting trip outside Mannheim.

Patton was thrown forward and his head struck a metal part of the partition between the front and back seats. Gay and both drivers were uninjured. Paralyzed from the neck down, Patton died of an embolism on December 21, Guitarist and singer D. Boon 27 of The Minutemen was killed in a car accident. Alternative newspaper Westword publisher Sandra Widener 53 , her husband Democratic political consultant John Parr , and one of their daughters died when their car skidded out of control in snowy weather and a tractor trailer slammed into the driver's side in Denver, Colorado.

Baseball player and manager Billy Martin 61 was killed in an automobile accident. Rocker Christopher Bell 27 , founder of Big Star, was killed in a car accident. Race car driver Ralph Hepburn 53 was killed in a wreck while practicing for the Indianapolis race. Australian artist David Strachan was killed in an auto accident in Australia. While practicing for a Trans-Am race, driver and automotive journalist Jerry Titus was killed at Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin when his Pontiac Firebird apparently lost its steering and struck a bridge abutment.

Australian artist George Baldessin was killed in an auto accident in Australia. Race car driver Henri Toivenen crashed and burned at Corsica while driving his S4 during the Group B final season of racing. British art critic Peter Fuller was killed in an automobile accident in the U. Heavy metal guitarist Chris Olivas 40 of Savatage was killed by a drunk driver. Posey was one of the wide receivers who starred alongside Steve Smith and Chad Johnson when they first arrived at Santa Monica College.

Hockey player Eric Lindros of the Philadelphia Flyers, suffered a bloody nose when his Mercedes Benz jumped a curb and came to rest in a cluster of trees around 2: Lindros' girlfriend, Jessica Lloyd, was driving at the time of the accident. The Cherokee had crashed into a tree, flipped over, and burst into flames outside the couple's home. A neighbor was calling the Fire Department when Harmon ran out with a sledghammer and broke the windows.

Because his spinal cord was pinched between the third and fourth vertebrae, he ended up being a quadriplegic. Because his passenger was killed in the crash, Vandross was charged with vehicular manslaughter.

Pleading to a lesser charge, he was ordered to perform a benefit concert. It was his second drunk driving offense in five years. Six other drivers were also injured when their cars jumped a dune at high speed and crashed on the other side.

Irma Hall 68 , costar of The Ladykillers movie, sustained multiple injuries in a car accident in Chicago, Illinois. Lee Bailey 66 , one of O.

Simpson's dream team, fell asleep at the wheel and hit a tree near his Palm Beach County home in Florida. He was not injured. The previous day he'd had dental surgery and had been up the night before.

Roy Campanella , Brooklyn Dodgers catcher, broke two vertebrae in his neck and was paralyzed from the chest down as a result of a car crash. He had been driving home from his Harlem liquor store early in the morning when his car skidded on a patch of ice and hit a telephone pole. Golfing great Ben Hogan was seriously injured when a bus hit his car head-on. He recovered so well that he went on to win the U.

Singer Billy Idol broke an arm and leg when his motorcycle crashed after he ran a stop sign in Hollywood, California. He also suffered multiple contusions of the brain, none serious. Music producer Phil Spector was severely injured in auto accident.

Former Baywatch star David Hasselhoff and his wife Pamela were injured in a motorcycle accident blamed on a strung gust of wind. The two were riding along Sepulveda Boulevard on Hasselhoff's Harley Davidson near a freeway overpass when the wind gust caused him to lose control of the bike. As he was trying to regain control, the motorcycle ran into a curb, throwing the couple from the bike, with Hasselhoff flying into a light pole and his wife landing on the soft shoulder of the road.

The actor fractured his lower back and broke several ribs. His wife sustained a fractured left ankle and right wrist. University of Hawaii football coach June Jones was suffered a skull fracture and internal injuries when his Lincoln Town Car hit a pillar on the H-1 freeway near the Honolulu, Hawaii airport.

Late at night 2: The woman of the other car broke her wrist while Berry suffered a gash on her head that required 20 stitches. Berry was charged with a misdemeanor for leaving the scene of an accident although she did report the accident when she arrived at a hospital to be treated.

Singer Teddy Pendergrass severed his spinal cord in an automobile accident and became paralyzed from the waist down. Gloria Estefan of the Miami Sound Machine fractured a vertebra when a tractor crashed into her tour bus near Scranton, Pennnsylvania.

Other members of the band were also injured in the incident. Georgian presidential candidate Dzhumber Patiashvili was slightly hurt in the chest and arms after sabotage caused his car to skid out of control and hit a road barrier.

The woman driver of the Escort, Danielle Carfagna, was killed in the crash. Police were not able to determine why she was driving the wrong way, although it was late a night and she might have been fatigued from working two jobs.

Rob Pilatus , formerly of Milli Vanilli, was arrested on outstanding warrants after being pulled over by Los Angeles police for running a stop sign. Pierce Brosnan 's son Sean 15 was almost killed in an automobile accident. While driving a rented car, actress Gwyneth Paltrow rear-ended a car that was stopped on a West Hollywood street.

Supermodel Niki Taylor suffered serious liver damage while riding in a car driven by her friend James Renegar, who lost control of his Nissan Maxima when he looked down to answer his cell phone. She had been visiting friends in Atlanta, Georgia at the time of the accident. Taylor was not moved out of intensive care until two months later. Actress Lois Hamilton 57 , who appeared on Three's Company and The Ropers , was involved in a head-on collision while driving under the influence cocaine, diet pills, Prozac, Xanax, and other drugs.

Lois broke her jaw, several vertebrae, and her hip. Four others were injured in the crash. Later, on December 23rd, she flew to Rio de Janeiro, locked herself in a room at the Sheraton Hotel, swallowed a handful of pills, slipped a plastic bag over her head, and committed suicide.

After an all-night recording session, she and Jorma Kaukonen drag-raced their cars on the Golden Gate Bridge. Grace lost control and crashed into a retaining wall.

Miraculously, she escaped with serious concussions but no other injuries. Green Bay Packers guard Marco Rivera was arrested after being clocked at 95 mph in a 45 mph zone. Tests showed Rivera's blood-alcohol level was 0. The driver of the limousine, who escaped serious injury, had been driving under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash.

Country singer Patsy Cline was seriously injured in an automobile accident near Madison, Tennessee. The driver of the minivan had been distracted by his dog when he swerved off the road and hit King, who sustained serious injuries that kept him hospitalized for several months.

King had multiple fractures in his right leg and hip, a collapsed lung, broken ribs, and a scalp laceration. Three members of rap star Hammer 's entourage were wounded in a drive-by shooting in Albuquerque, New Mexico. No one was seriously hurt. The accident occurred about an hour before sunrise.

Singer Wilson Pickett pled guilty to driving while drunk in New Jersey. In that episode, he hit a pedestrian and served a one-year sentence for the infraction. Rocker Peter Frampton was seriously injured in a car accident in the Bahamas.

Singer Teddy Pendergrass , who had been paralyzed from the waist down as the result of a auto accident, was injured again when his handicapped-equipped van crashed into a utility pole in a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Police discovered he was driving on a license that had been suspended 43 times. During a visit to Kurdish settlements in northern Iraq, a bomb exploded near a car carrying French President Mitterrand's wife.

Mitterrand was unhurt, two other people were killed. Former Minnesota Viking football defensive end Jim Marshall broke a vertebra and some ribs in an automobile accident in Minnesota. Actor Jack Nicholson got into a fender-bender that injured one of his passengers. Sixteen people were injured when celebrity publicist Lizzie Grubman 30 backed her Mercedes-Benz sport utility vehicle into a crowd waiting outside the Conscience Point Inn club. She was charged with multiple counts of assault, reckless endangerment and leaving the scene of an accident involving serious injury.

The injury left him unable to raise his right arm, so he had to withdraw from the Davis Cup competition. Comedian and actor Jimmy J J Walker 53 swerved into the path of another car, causing two people in that car to be injured and hospitalized.

Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer narrowly escaped serious injury as his Ferrari convertible was destroyed when a leak in the gas tank hose caused the fuel to ignite at a gas station near his Scituate, Massachusetts home. Kramer suffered minor burns on his hands, arms, and one leg. Minnesota Vikings tight end John Davis suffered facial lacerations when he swerved to avoid hitting a deer near his home in Tampa, Florida, and hit a median wall.

Bob Dylan was severely injured in a motorcycle accident near his home in Woodstock, New York. Robert Plant , lead singer of the Led Zeppelin rock band and his wife Maureen were involved in a serious car accident on the Greek Island of Rhodes.

His wife Maureen was hospitalized for several weeks and Robert suffered a smashed ankle and elbow which took almost two years to fully heal. While Matthew Broderick was vacationing in Northern Ireland with his then-girlfriend Jennifer Grey , he steered his rented BMW into the opposite lane and it collided head-on with an oncoming car. Margaret Doherty, 63, and her daughter Anna Gallagher, 30, were killed.

Doherty's son Martin Doherty was crippled. Broderick and Grey were slightly injured. Broderick spent a month in a Belfast, Northern Ireland hospital after the crash with a fractured leg and ribs and a collapsed lung. Singer Stevie Wonder was almost killed when he was hit by a log that smashed through the windshield of the car he was riding in. His cousin, who was driving the car on a back road in South Carolina, swerved around a logging truck to pass it but instead hit the truck and dislodged the log that hit Wonder.

With a broken skull and severe brain contusion, Wonder was comatose for almost a day but eventually made a full recovery, except for losing his sense of smell. Singer Bobby Brown was involved in a one-car traffic accident in Hollywood, Florida.

Later in December, police charged him with driving while under the influence of alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana. Charlie Daniels and several band members escaped without injury when their motor home burst into flames on the Ventura Highway in California. James Brown , the Godfather of Soul, was ticketed for hitting a bicyclist while driving in his hometown of Augusta, Georgia. Laundry facilities are located on the premises and valet cleaning service is available.

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Searching for common ground on guns after Sandy Hook Five years after the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, shook the country, CBSN spoke to Colorado residents about where they stand on guns Boy in viral bullying video speaks out as mom faces backlash Spotlight on Keaton Jones's video cast attention onto his his mom's social media which includes a photo of her holding a Confederate flag Heartwarming tales that will restore your faith in humanity 'Cause there are a lot of bad people in the world, but there are also a lot of good ones Latest from CBS News.

Could DNA unlock answers in questionable conviction case? Good Samaritan stops would-be burglar in his tracks: Cementerio de aviones, donde quedan los aviones que dejan de volar. Un reportaje de UnoTV. El Senado aprueba la Ley de Seguridad Interior.

Congressional hopeful drops out over harassment suit. California issues guidelines on cellphone radiation. House Ethics Committee announces probe into Democratic Rep. Sessions addresses Trump's claim that FBI's reputation is in "tatters". Judd, Sorvino respond to Weinstein blacklist report. California issues safety guidelines for cellphones Play Video.

Popular on CBS News Doug Jones wins, but Roy Moore isn't conceding views. What the early Alabama Senate exit polls are showing views. Mom accused of faking son's illness after 13 "major" surgeries views. Officials determine cause of one of California's devastating wildfires views.

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Casino players card secrets Casino players card secrets. Nhl betting system forum Nhl betting system forum. Sports betting reduced juice Sports betting reduced juice. Black jack flash Black jack flash. Nfl betting picks over under Nfl betting picks over under. Theodore Bundy was later convicted of the crime, and executed.

She was driven to a wooded area, beaten, raped, and shot. Her pregnant body was then dragged further into the woods. Both fled the scene but were soon arrested. Hall was convicted and sentenced to death on June She collected insurance money. In he was convicted of the murder and rape of Kimberly Leach Bundy eventually confessed to more than 30 killings and was executed in Four white police officers were later acquitted of charges stemming from McDuffie's death.

The freighter MV Summit Venture collided with a pier support column during a blinding thunderstorm, sending over feet m of the bridge plummeting into Tampa Bay. The collision caused six cars, a truck, and a Greyhound bus to fall feet 46 m into the water. Ronnie Lee Jones, a former boxer, was convicted of the shooting and sentenced to death.

An appeal granted a competency hearing, but none was heard for 12 years and Jones was released in In William Dillon was convicted and sentenced to prison. In Dillon 49 faced a retrial after DNA evidence called into question his conviction. The move was in response to a state roadblock and inspection on all cars heading out of the Florida Keys. Callahan 45 was fatally shot in Miami by mob hit man John Martorano.

In former FBI agent John Connolly was convicted of 2nd degree murder for leaking information to mobsters that led to the shooting death of Callahan. In Jan, , Connolly was sentenced to 40 years in prison. Graham asked for 4, new prison beds and the Legislature voted to build 2, The documents indicated that a number of similar shipments were made in the s and s to landfills and municipal sewage treatment plants.

Davis was electrocuted in It grew to become a week-long marathon with estimated attendance at , in Juan Melendez was convicted and spent 17 years on death row. Melendez was released in John Gentry survived the experience and Buenoano was caught and convicted of murder. Dubbed the "Black Widow" Buenoano, who had changed her name from Goodyear, was executed in the electric chair on Mar 30, His equations predicted the existence of antimatter. The Hidden Life of Paul Dirac. Officer Snowden was acquitted on one set of charges and then convicted on another set of tenuous charges.

His case was on federal appeal. Provenzano was scheduled to be executed in He became a US citizen in He had worked as the administrator of electric shock therapy to political opponents of the Castro regime. In he was arrested and faced deportation for lying about his former occupation.

In Mederos 79 was convicted in Florida for concealing his past. This capped the winningest season in national Football League history, with 18 wins and only one loss.

She was the first killer whale born in captivity to survive. He was electrocuted in Remeta had the mental age of a child and ordered snow cones for his final meal. Smith 52 died of cancer while on death row in In DNA evidence cleared Smith of the rape and murder and the case was reopened.

She was later found stabbed to death. Oscar Ray Bolin was later convicted of her murder. On January 6, , Bolin 53 was executed for the slaying of Matthews. He testified against the sect, which blamed for at least 23 killings and a series of firebombings, and was freed after 10 years in prison.

In he was arrested for bounding check in California and subject to the "three strikes" sentencing law. By he called himself the Antichrist and was preaching to followers in some 35 nations, mostly in Latin America. Pardo was executed on Dec 11, In a Thai court ruled to extradite Sullivan In he was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison.

The original bridge had collapsed following a ship collision in The woman was later identified as Donna Rice; the scandal torpedoed Hart's presidential bid. Reagan, to begin a day tour of the United States. Henry 55 was executed on March 20, Asay also shot dead Robert McDowell 26 , a white Hispanic, after discovering McDowell, who was hired for sex, was a man dressed as a woman. In Asay 53 faced execution, becoming the first white man in Florida to be executed for killing a black person.

During his tenure tons of cocaine were smuggled into the US. He was indicted by a federal grand jury in Miami in Manuel Antonio Noriega, of bribery and drug trafficking. Joe Montana rifled a yard touchdown pass to John Taylor with just 34 seconds left in the game to win. One bomb killed a Savannah, Ga. Jose Guillermo Garcia, the minister of defense, retired to Florida. He fatally wounded 8 people before killing himself. Bergalis died the following year. He became known as the Gainesville slasher and later collaborated with Sondra London, who wrote his confessions, and sold his art and autographs.

The money earned was seized in when a Florida judge issued a ruling based on a state law that barred convicted felons from profiting from their stories, artwork and autographs. Smith was later acquitted at trial. Orbon was not recognized by Cuba's musical establishment after he left the country permanently in He contributed to the adaptation of the famous Guantanamera tune with the verses of the Cuban poet Jose Marti By the event attracted some , participants.

However, a new, smaller version of Pan Am was later formed. She was three months pregnant at the time. A week after she delivered their first baby, James raped her and ripped her stitches. Facing 25 years, she was told by a female public defender to take a plea bargain and 17 years in prison.

In drug trafficker Paul Augustus Howell 40 was executed for killing Fulford. They were dropped in April. He said, it's "a progressive community, and we think we can fit in. He was released in His Nation of Yahweh was reported to foster a group of "death angels" that required the killing of a white person and a body part as proof. She pleaded to shooting a man in and no contest to murdering 5 men she picked up on Florida highways. In she claimed that she killed out of hate and not from self-defense and asked that her appeals be stopped and her death sentence carried out.

She was executed Oct 9, David Gunn 47 was shot to death outside a Pensacola, Fla. Lozano had been convicted in an earlier trial, but that verdict was overturned.

The gunwoman and an accomplice received life prison sentences; the van's driver received 87 years. Two suspects later received life sentences; two others received lesser sentences. In all, Rolling confessed to killing eight people, though there may have been more. As a result of his murder convictions, Rolling was executed by lethal injection on October 25, Griffin, an anti-abortion activist accused of killing Dr.

David Gunn outside a women's clinic. Griffin was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. He threw her body in a commercial trash bin.

Davis was convicted in and executed on July 10, Griffin of first-degree murder in the shooting death of Dr. David Gunn; Griffin was sentenced to life in prison. Barrett, outside the Ladies Center clinic in Pensacola, Fla. Hill was later convicted and sentenced to death. Hill was executed Sep 3, Lawton Chiles declared an immigration emergency and demanded federal help to cope with the largest surge of Cuban refugees since the Mariel boat-lift.

He became the first person to be executed for killing an abortion provider when he was killed by electrocution on September 3, at the age of 49 at the Florida State Prison in Raiford, Florida. The storm hit Nicaragua, Cuba and Haiti before striking Florida. Clinton presided over the first Summit of the Americas held in Miami.

Lee Bailey represented Claude Duboc in a drug case and worked out a deal in which Duboc would plead guilty and forfeit his assets to the federal government. Bailey kept part of the money for his services. In Juan Carlos Chavez, a Cuban ranch hand was convicted. His defense was that he was framed by his bosses into a confession for fear of being deported. Chavez was executed on Feb 12, Courts ruled that the law could not be applied to prisoners convicted before Oct 1, He lived and worked mainly in Davie, Florida and used common people as his subjects.

Cuba claimed the planes violated its airspace. In Gerardo Hernandez 36 was convicted of conspiracy in the deaths of the aviators. Antonio Guerrero 43 , convicted for spying while working a Navy base in Florida, was sentenced to life in prison on Dec They had begun a crime spree on Apr 13 with acts of arson and vandalism. In Florida brought murder charges against Sabre-Tech, a Miami repair facility, that had loaded hazardous oxygen generators onto the plane.

In SabreTech Maintenance Co. In 8 0f 9 convictions against Sabre-Tech were overturned by a federal appeals court. The infant did not survive. He and 4 friends were arrested 3 days later in Baton Rouge. He was sentenced to death in In 5 members of the team were accused of fabricating evidence and agreeing to make false statements during a probe of the incident.

He had served 8 years of a year sentence for the rape and maiming of year-old Mary Vincent in Ca. A trial in Dec ended in a mistrial and another was set for He was sentenced to death in but died of cancer in a prison hospital in He was arrested Aug 30 at a border crossing in Texas. Police still searched for Jose Luis Del Toro 21 , the man believed to have done the shooting. Del Toro was extradited from Mexico in and faced trial in Florida.

In Allen Blackthorne 44 , the ex-husband of Bellush, was charged with arranging the killing of Bellush. Blackthorne was convicted of arranging the murder and faced a mandatory life sentence. In they were charged in Maryland with lying and misleading investigators in the disappearance of the baby.

Evidence of voter fraud later emerged and extended to the city of Miami Beach. He killed a man just before taking the 2 children hostage. He had been released from prison in March after serving less than a third of a year sentence for robbery in He restricted his art objects to those made between and illustrating the evolution of modern Western design.

The old bridge was saved and renamed the Friendship Trail Bridge. In 4 officers were convicted of obstruction of justice and conspiracy for planting a gun on Hoban and covering-up the case. She had been raped and stabbed nearly 30 times and beaten badly four days earlier. She hid in the woods in fear of her assailant, Scott Christopher Malsky 22 , who was arrested in Delaware the next day.

Some 2, homes and businesses damaged or destroyed, by tornadoes in Seminole, Osceola, Orange, Brevard and Volusia counties Florida. Zavier Suarez promised to fight the decision. He died in prison of cancer on December 28, He later shot himself during a standoff with police officers at a gas station.

Keith Symons 65 announced his resignation as head of the Palm Beach diocese after admitting that he molested 5 boys early in his career. Lynch was named as temp. A Florida appeals court later overturned the verdict. It was expected to reach hurricane strength with winds over 74 mph. Five men later pleaded guilty to lesser charges; the trial of the other five has been postponed until May The 5 remaining men were convicted in June, , for acting as unregistered agents and conspiracy to commit crimes against the US.

In a federal judge lowered the life sentence of Ramon Labanino to 30 years. The year sentence against Fernando Gonzalez was reduced to about 18 years. Kitts and Nevis, Anguilla and British and U. She faced charges of petty theft from a school cafeteria and feared the loss of her job. Phillips was sentenced to life in prison in Lawton Chiles died at age He had acquired wealth as one of the original investors in Red Lobster restaurants. Buddy MacKay took over for the next 3 weeks. He was believed to be the gang leader at the center of a turf war that had left 12 people dead since August.

Bradley Silverman 41 , a Miami area surgeon, was shot and killed by former patient Robert Herndon 45 who was upset over the outcome of an operation.

He announced his resignation Mar Smith 42 was hit in the spine, completely paralyzed and later begged doctors to let her die. On May 18 a court ruled that life support could be removed the next day. Smith died May Shirley Egan was acquitted of attempted murder on Aug Lucie and had spread over 1, acres.

Lucie 43 homes were reported destroyed by fire. Jeb Bush and the Legislature agreed on a plan to allow children in the lowest-rated schools to use state vouchers for private schools. In a judge struck down the school-voucher law. King was captured as an infant in Cameroon and had spent the last 20 years along in his cage at Monkey Jungle. As of he was still working on realizing his dream.

He was also suing several people who fleeced his company out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Eunick died from severe injuries. Tate was convicted of 1st degree murder in and sentenced to life in prison.

In an appeals court ordered a new trial and Tate agreed to a 2nd degree murder charge. Tate was released in The first went off on Aug 31 and no one was injured in either case. On Oct 1 Lawrence Michael Lombardi 41 , a former vending machine company employee, was arrested in connection with the bombings.

The fate of Elian Gonzalez was in question after his father called for his return to Cuba. This set off an international custody battle between relatives in Miami and Elian's father in Cuba. Izquierdo-Leyva later pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life. The rodents, officially known as the Gambian pouched rat, are the largest known breed of rats in the world. They can grow up to three feet in length and weigh as much as nine pounds. Bush, served as governor of Florida.

During this period he cut billions of dollars from state tax receipts and passed a welter of pro-gun laws. At least people were arrested. Board of Regents approved rules that eliminated race and gender affirmative action as considerations for admission to the state's 10 public universities.

He was eventually apprehended by Austrian authorities in the Fall of Blinding smoke from a forest fire was blamed. Half the lime crop was already destroyed in the southern part of the state. Riots erupted in Little Havana and protesters were arrested. Brazill, a seventh grader, had been sent home for throwing water balloons.

In Brazill was tried as an adult, convicted of 2nd degree murder and sentenced to 28 years in prison. Burton 48 , helicopter pilot, died when his craft crashed while fighting a fire near Fort Myers. It was suspected that he committed suicide following an investigation into loans he got from subordinates. Tobacco executives planned to appeal. In a state appeals court reversed not only the award but also the class action unifying hundreds of thousands of sick Florida smokers under a single lawsuit; the Florida Supreme Court agreed in May to review that decision..

A police sharpshooter shot and killed hostage Andrea Hall Petron committed suicide the next day and 4 children were unhurt. Ralf Panitz, her ex-husband, was arrested 4 days later and Eleanor Panitz was held as a material witness.

Election officials began a recount and the US presidential election winner remained in suspense based on the Florida result. An unofficial tally gave Bush a vote lead. Bush's fragile vote lead over Al Gore, hours after a judge refused to lift a 5 p. The pilot of the Cessna was killed, the fighter pilot ejected safely. Bush was advancing his minuscule lead over Democrat Al Gore.

Also, a federal appeals court refused to block recounts under way in two heavily Democratic counties. Bush battled before the Florida Supreme Court over whether the presidential election recount should be allowed to continue.

In Dade County election officials called off the recount due to their inability to meet the Nov 27 deadline. Meanwhile, Gore's lawyers argued in a brief filed with the U.

Supreme Court that the high court should stay out of the Florida election controversy. Ralph Nader received 97, votes. Gore said in a series of TV interviews that he was prepared to contest the Florida presidential vote until "the middle of December. Florida legislators planned a special session to name electors for George W.

Bush proceeded with transition plans as Al Gore asked a Florida judge to begin an immediate review of 13, ballots from Palm Beach and Dade counties. Bush on the legality of a vote extension by the Florida Supreme Court. The Florida Supreme Court turned down 2 Democratic pleas for an immediate count of disputed ballots and for a new election in Palm Beach County.

Bush flatly asserted, "I'm soon to be the president" and met with GOP congressional leaders. The US Supreme Court set aside the decision by the Florida Supreme Court to extend the vote counting deadline and sent the case back to the Florida court. Drought conditions were the worst since It was the largest environmental restoration effort in history. Supreme Court reversed a state court decision for recounts in Florida's contested election, effectively transforming George W.

Bush into the president-elect. The high court agreed, 7-to-2, to reverse the Florida court's order of a state recount and voted 5-to-4 that there was no acceptable procedure by which a timely new recount could take place. A later review of the ballots suggested that George W. He still faced deportation and was suspected of having ties with the Syrian-based Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

CERP included 68 projects planned over 30 years. She was not reported missing until Apr 25, In it was reported that Boulis was killed by John Gurino, a man with mob connections, who was himself killed by a business partner in Tate, who had been convicted of first-degree murder, said he was imitating pro-wrestling moves. Tate's first-degree murder conviction and sentence were later overturned; he pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and received a new sentence of probation, but is now accused of violating that probation.

He began working on the device in as a college student and found a manufacturer, Ravenna Metal Products of Seattle, in Gerardo Hernandez 36 was sentenced to life in prison on Dec 12 for conspiracy in the deaths of 4 aviators shot down by Cuba in Fernando Gonzalez, known to US authorities by his alias, Ruben Campa, completed his sentence in at a prison in Arizona and was deported to Cuba. Jebb Bush signed into law a bill banning the execution of mentally retarded killers.

Florida became the 15th state to do so. Adam Ezerski 19 was suspected. Ezerski was caught in Reno on Aug He was later captured in Afghanistan and detained at Guantanamo after officials suspected that he was the intended 20th hijacker for the Nov 11 attacks. In the Pentagon dropped charges against al-Qahtani. More indictments were expected. Anthrax spores were later found on his computer keyboard in Lantana. The strain was reported to match one from Iowa in the s commonly used by lab researchers.

Lee Bailey 68 for payment in a drug case that was supposed to go to the government. His 2 sons, Derek 14 and Alex 13 confessed to the murder, but later said Rick Chavis 40 , a local handyman, killed the father and had gotten the boys to take the blame. Derek and Alex were convicted of 2nd degree murder on Sep 6, Rick Chavis was acquitted. Derek was sentenced to 8 years in prison and Alex was sentenced to 7 years. Singleton had raped Mary Vincent 15 in and chopped off her forearms.

He was paroled in Marlin, who appeared in control of the race, was penalized for getting out of his car and pulling briefly on a damaged fender during the stoppage. It was thought to be caused by an algal bloom. The engineer had pulled the emergency brake after he spied what he thought was deformed track. Bush moved to prevent oil drilling off the Florida coast and in the Everglades.

Jeb Bush said it was good public policy. As it turned out, only a fraction of the 57, people on the list were ex-cons. Graves was arrested in Fort Myers and Holton died 3 days later. In Gary Michael Cloud 49 was sentenced to life in prison for her murder. McBride was certified as winner on Sep Polling stations opened late and problems cropped up with new touchscreen voting machines.

She became the 10th woman executed in the US since capital punishment resumed in Four of the men face trial; the other four have yet to be arrested. On Dec 6, , a Florida jury cleared Al-Arian and 3 co-defendants of terror charges.

Death was expected within 2 weeks. Jeb Bush, who overrode a court decision for its removal. It was 1st tested Mar Originally convicted of first-degree murder, Tate pleaded guilty to 2nd-degree murder and went free in January Jeb Bush dedicated a faith-based prison. It prohibited smoking in virtually all indoor public areas. Brucia, whose abduction was captured by a surveillance camera, was found Feb 6 in a church parking lot, and Joseph P.

Smith, a mechanic, was charged with her murder. Smith 39 was convicted of kidnapping, rape and murder on Nov 17, In Smith was sentenced to death. A man who was angry about a suspected theft recruited three teenagers to stab and beat six people to death with baseball bats. Bush nominated Porter J. Goss spent most of his career as a clandestine operative in Latin America.

Charley hit Florida with winds at mph. It flattened oceanfront homes, killed 23 people and left thousands more homeless. Sustained winds of mph knocked out power to some 2 million people.

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