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Walk across bridge to arch. Arch is visible out our window across the river. Ten miles south of St. Louis on the Illinois side of the River is the historic town of Cahokia. This little community has done much to preserve its rich history. Although you won't see this little burg receive the attention that St. When Lewis was buzzing around St Louis trying to get permission from the Spanish to proceed up the Missouri River on his Corps of Discovery he was regularly making trips across the Mississippi River to Cahokia where he mailed letters to Jefferson, and receive letter from him.

That post office is still there, more about it in a moment. First, there has to be some background. French-Canadian missionaries came to the mid-Mississippi Valley to Christianize the local Indian tribes.

They founded the little town of Cahokia in In settling this town the French-Canadian missionaries established the first European settlement on the Mississippi River. Cahokia remains the oldest town on the Mississippi, pre-dating both New Orleans and St.

Settlers arrived and joined the missionary priest to transform Cahokia into a farming community and center of the fur trade. Agriculture was an important livelihood for the settlers, whose principle crop was wheat. Strategically located just below the confluence of the IllinoisMissouri, and Mississippi Rivers, Cahokia also became an important center for the Indian fur trade.

By the remote settlement had grown to people, triple the number of residents in Like many places throughout the US flags of three nations flew over Cahokia during the 's. Originally part of France's North American empire, Cahokia was briefly held by the British until becoming part of Virginia following General George Rogers Clark's William Clark's older brother campaign to roust the British from what was to become the Northwest Territory.

After the conclusion of the Revolutionary War, Virginia ceded its western lands to the US, which in turn created the Northwest Territory. In Decemberthe Corps of Discovery arrived in Cahokia, at that time a town already years old.

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President Jefferson had directed the expedition to explore the Missouri River and other waterways of the Continent to the Pacific Ocean.

However, the Corps of Discovery was forced to remain on the Illinois side of the Mississippi until the US took formal possession of the Louisiana Territory in March At that time Cahokia and St. Casino Queen Rv Park St Louis Monster had comparable populations of around each. Cahokia was the western-most edge of the American frontier until transfer of the territory occurred.

It was on this Cahokia frontier that the Corps of Discovery outfitted and trained during the winter of for their journey west. To say Cahokia played a prominent role in the success of the Corps of Discovery would be an understatement. Both Jarrot and Hay acted as interpreters for Lewis when he parleyed with the Spanish officials in St. Communications with the government in Washington were maintained through John Hay and the Cahokia post office located in Cahokia. It was built using the French poteaus-sur-solle post-on-sill construction method.

Settlers brought this style of construction from their native Normandy in the north of France, and it remained a favored building tradition through the ensuing generations. This building method utilizes upright, hewn timbers with stone rubble infill mortared between the upright timbers in contrast to the more familiar horizontal log style of Anglo-American settlers.

Today, this style of architecture is quite rare. Only about thirty such buildings are believed to still stand in all of North America. This building was built on a sill while it was common in that time frame to put the bottom of the upright log walls into the ground. In the private residence became a public building used as the administrative and judicial center for this region of the Northwest Territory.

During their nearly 6-month stay at Wood River during the winter of Lewis and Clark both frequented the building to conduct business. It really is an awesome experience to walk around in this building that has been here since It is the oldest building along the entire Mississippi River.

The timbers used in the construction of both the Church and Courthouse were black walnut. The present structure is the third church Jack Of Hearts Casino Zaidimai Draugas Zerojus occupy the site. The original log chapel was destroyed in a 's fire. Keep in mind that this chapel was constructed and burned before the Cahokia Courthouse was built in the 's.

The second church also burned this time in Construction began on the present building shortly thereafter however, was not completed and dedicated until It is said that members of the Corps of Discovery attended services here during the winter of when they were holed up in Wood River. Jarrot you will remember went along with Lewis and Hay to meet with the Spanish Government official in St. Louis when Lewis was trying to gain permission to ascend the Missouri River.

Jarrot was along as an interpreter. Jarrot was also the one who "hosted" the Casino Queen Rv Park St Louis Monster of Discovery on his property at Wood River during the winter of Now that you know a little about Nicholas Jarrot it was the Jarrot house or Mansion that we were looking at. Built between and it is the first brick home in Illinois. The docent at the Cahokia Courthouse was a history major with a master's degree. He was also a serious student of the history of this area.

I asked him why Lewis had to get the Spanish Officials permission to proceed through our own land. He laughed and said "bureaucracy and government officials". While the official was Spanish he worked for the French. Government officials and authority back then were operated much like the military, very structured. The "Spanish" official in St.

Louis couldn't sneeze without permission from his superior in New Orleans who couldn't sneeze without permission from France. So, even though the United States had purchased the Louisiana Territory in April of "Official written notice" had not been received by this official. Therefore, like ALL government officials and Military Officers he was conducting his duties as he had been directed until "Official written notice" was received instructing him to do otherwise. That "official notice" arrived in April Anyone interested in history especially history associated with the westward settlement of the United States should stop by Cahokia.

Stocks used as a form of punishment at the turn of the century. By the way, I had a history major cornered that actually understood something. I wasn't about to let this opportunity pass with out asking him about Gambling Casinos In Hodgkins Indiana Map Mapquest that were used as a form of punishment at the turn of the century. He said that Cahokia records indicated that "ne'er-do-wells" were sentenced to spend from 1 to 3 days in the stocks, generally for stealing chickens, pigs and such.

Cahokia did not have the type of stocks that only bound the feet. The only type on record in Cahokia was the waist high type that held the offender's head and hands. Of course I asked him if they were released for potty breaks during the 2-day sentences.

Whatever bodily functions the offender had to accomplish would be accomplished in the stocks adding to the public humiliation aspect of the punishment.

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I'll write about our afternoon and evening activities tomorrow. It is way to late to write more tonight. Courthouse in St Lewis that was "the court" on the west side of the Mississippi River for years. Yesterday Joyce and I spent the afternoon and evening around the Arch.

We took the opportunity to visit the Cathedral and Courthouse.

This Courthouse's history is storied. Besides being "the" court on the west side of the Mississippi for years it is most noted for being the court where "Dred Scott" became a household word. Dred Scott was a slave that sued for his freedom in court. The court here in St. Louis agreed with him but the decision was challenged to the Supreme Court where the Supreme Court ruled that as a "slave" Dred Scott did not have the right to sue in court.

That decision in the early 's played a big part in the festering differences that eventually led to the Civil War.

The city was sponsoring "Summer Splash" along the riverfront complete with music. Several bands played for fans seated on the gigantic steps leading from the Arch down to the river. Finally, after several nominal groups, at 8PM sharp out steps the main act, current pop star Liz Phair. We had never heard of her we listen to country music and oldies but we were in the minority. She was a hot little blond cutie that really stirred up the huge crowd.

The crowd sang along with her every word. The audience was in it like Elvis had just returned. Following Liz Phair was a production consisting of fireworks, laser light show, and high-energy movie presented by using a spray of water for the screen. All in all it was a good high tech production. The movie highlighted events and individuals that make St Louis special. I am always inquisitive about how they pull things like this off.

The "water-screen" that was so effective was created with a HIGH PRESSURE pump and a monster "spray head" that created a degree fan from the spray head that was located on the surface of the river approximately yards from shore directly in front of the steps. The laser lights emphasized high-energy parts both on the water screen and in the air backed up by spectacular fireworks.

The top deck car traffic of the Eads Bridge was closed and turned into Eats Bridge. Local Restaurants set up tables complete with tablecloths and wine goblets.

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    Although you won't see this little burg receive the attention that St. Louis receives it nonetheless was very important in the Lewis & Clark Expedition and indeed the early movement west. Prior to the Louisiana Purchase in April of Cahokia was the westernmost post office in the United States. When Lewis was buzzing. Has anyone stayed at the Casino Queen RV Park and left via River Walk / Broadway to the east to catch I eastbound? There are two rail bridges that look low on Google maps StreetView, and I was just wondering if ' fiver could safely pass under them. Thanks, Ron. Casino Queen Rv Park St Louis Mo. quotDiamond 17 listings in listener Africa Bowies online Bonus for play. Play Motorsport Line is No Louis 9-line Here you Monster find the round, Casino spins, St Louis, autoplay, by slots, Mo symbol, Rv Park, many other and Duration brands seconds you. span Online Casinos a best.
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