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The student must bring an excuse from home for each absence and present it to the homeroom teacher the day he or she returns to school. Illness or personal emergency are the only acceptable reasons for absences.

If a student does not bring in an excuse upon the day of return, said student is to be given one day grace period. However, if the excuse is not brought in that following day, the student shall remain after school for the homeroom teacher that day and be referred to the Assistant Principal thereafter. All questionable excuses shall be sent to the Assistant Principal for verification. All work must be made up within five school days after returning to school, except in cases where extenuating circumstances merit an extension of this period.

Six after-school-days of office detention for each day of truancy from which the student may be released by the Assistant Principal to see an academic teacher. Total number of days served beyond six days shall be at the discretion of the principal.

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The initial notification may be oral. The student must report to the Assistant Principal to explain his or her absence from class. Two days of office detention is assigned for a class cut. A student may not report to his or her first period class unless they have reported to their assigned homeroom or to the main office to be marked present.

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Parental excuse for students late to school shall be accepted to a maximum of five. Upon receipt of the fifth excuse, the following action shall be taken: Subsequent offense - up to 50 minutes of teacher detention. Six or more - referral to Assistant Principal, parents notified.

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Student athletes are also subject to rules contained in West Warwick Interscholastic Athletic Handbook. Students shall be expelled the most serious offenses from class only for.

The teacher shall also submit a detailed report in writing stating the exact causes for the expulsion and all other pertinent information. Absent extraordinary circumstances, this shall be done before the end of the same day. The Assistant Principal shall read both reports and discuss the matter with both the student and the teacher. The Assistant Principal shall then notify the student and the teacher as to the disposition of the case. Make-up shall be discussed at this time. Student dress is a combined student-parent responsibility.

The determination of inappropriate dress shall be made by the principal. Inappropriately dressed students shall be sent home to correct the condition and are expected to return to school promptly. The student is responsible for making up any work missed as a result of the above actions. The Assistant Principal shall assign students to detention-after school for a period of up to 50 minutes. Failure to report to teacher assigned detention shall result in the student having to report to the original teacher assigned detention and office detention as well.

The suspension procedure at John F. Deering Junior High School is as follows: First through third suspension is dealt with by the Assistant Principal and normally includes a parent conference before the student is allowed to return to class.

The fourth suspension requires that the student and parent meet with the Principal prior to the student returning to class. The fifth and any subsequent suspension requires that the student and parent meet with the Superintendent of Schools; the Principal or Assistant Principal shall also attend this hearing.

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