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  • TX HJR55 (Text) Proposing a constitutional amendment requiring the legislature to establish a state gaming commission and to authorize and provide for the Indian tribes to conduct gaming on certain Indian lands, and requiring the governor to call the legislature into special session to consider gaming legislation.
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  • TX HB (Summary) Relating to the operation of casino gaming in this state by licensed persons in certain areas of this state to provide additional money for residual Monitor Legislation or view this same bill number from multiple sessions or take advantage of our national legislative search.
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Casinos being considered by Texas House

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  1. State Representative John Smithee says the chances of casino gambling becoming legal are against the odds. "The Texas constitution has a provision that goes back years that prohibits gambling in Texas so, gambling is not something that the legislature could pass if it wanted to without voter approval," Smithee said.:
    Baker's working relationship with legislative leaders is not likely to entirely fizzle in , is an election year and Democratic legislative leaders just . It's been five years since lawmakers came around to embrace the idea of casino gambling as a panacea for its transportation, local aid and economic. Important TX Notes. Residents from TX can legally play at online poker sites; iPoker bills have been introduced in the state legislature; Commercial casinos are currently illegal in Texas; Live poker can't be played at a single tribal casino; However, home poker games are legal. Proponents of casino gambling in Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma point to the economic benefits of casinos, ranging from job creation and tourism to tax What we can be sure of is that advocates of casino gambling will be back again during the regular session of the Texas Legislature, hoping to hit the.
  2. “This session has been different, in that the gambling industry has by and large appeared to have given up any hope of trying to pass legislation that would open up Texas to casino gambling,” he said. “And this lack of legislative effort is taking place within the context of a tight budget, when in the past.:
    And so much of what happens in Washington, D.C., as well as in state capitals across the country during state legislative sessions, will depend on that will meet in — Texas, South Dakota, Montana and Nevada legislatures do not convene in even years — 38 will begin sessions in January. Lifelong Lubbockite Ida Villanueva and her husband cross the state line into Hobbs, New Mexico, then enjoy a weekend getaway at the casino. But what if they could just drive down the road? “I would be great,” Villanueva said. “We're actually driving out of state to deposit money. If we can just do it here. Every two years, the Legislature gets a chance to figure out better ways to fund state government. This should be the session when the House and Senate finally allow casino gambling. As it is, tens of thousands of Texans spend millions on casino gambling each year. Yet due to archaic state laws, they do it.
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Legislative leaders told Gov. The session was also a wipeout for activists, who watched as policymakers and Gov. Charlie Baker punted the issues to outsiders to see if they could come up with a plan. Activists pressing major reforms fear the CSG report — scheduled to be released in mid-January — and subsequent legislation will be narrow in scope, with a focus on probation, parole and other post-release services.

Frustrated after years of being told to wait for broad reforms, advocates are gearing up to fight for other measures including bail changes, repeals of mandatory minimum sentencing and greater use of diversion programs.

Some initiatives that cleared the Senate in , including expungement of juvenile misdemeanor records and raising the cash value at which larceny becomes a felony offense, are expected to resurface in the new session. A new House chair of the Judiciary committee, to be appointed in January or February by Speaker Robert DeLeo, will play a role in determining how far those and other criminal justice issues make it through the legislative process.

Massachusetts is also on the verge of having a staggering 2 million of its residents enrolled in Medicaid, the taxpayer-funded health insurance program for those who are income eligible and individuals with disabilities.

Medicaid is now experimenting with an accountable care payment model, with results due in that will determine how those pilots perform on cost and patient care measures. And a special commission looking at variations in prices charged by hospitals is closing in on possible recommendations.

If it sounds like a lot, it is. Per usual, the health care policy arena in Massachusetts is active, with plenty of uncertainty. Heading into , Gov. Charlie Baker and his administration are implementing a major renewable energy law to procure large-scale hydropower and develop offshore wind farms that will eventually help power homes and businesses around the state. A big hitch is that the fruits of that labor are several years from ripening.

In the meantime, expect battles to be fought along familiar lines. As the administration works to finalize a new tariff-based solar renewable energy credit program, solar advocates are pressing the Department of Energy Resources to come up with a plan to bridge the gap between January and the summer, when the new program takes effect, to keep the subsidies flowing to the industry.

Caps on solar net metering are also being bumped up against in most utility territories, meaning that debate will perk up for another round early in the year.

Jay Kaufman and Sen. Michael Barrett will undoubtedly continue to make the case for a carbon tax, but more likely is a more aggressive effort by the Baker administration to promote the purchase of electric vehicles. A boost in zero-emission vehicle sales would dovetail nicely with the aims of the new court-ordered emission regulations from the Department of Environmental Protection that are up for hearings in February.

The Supreme Judicial Court ordered the state to spread its emission reduction efforts across all sectors, including transportation, but some critics would like to see stricter caps on power plants. The battles in the session were largely between the House and the Senate, both controlled by Democrats, rather than between the Legislature and the new Republican governor. In addition to famously disagreeing about rules governing the flow of bills, the more liberal Senate was often at odds with the more moderate House.

Democratic legislative leaders have settled their rules reform differences and have a new party chair, Gus Bickford, who is taking an aggressive posture toward Baker out of the gate.

There are some Democrats who would probably be fine with Baker in the Corner Office for another four years — they can score points for bipartisanship when things are going well and have a convenient target when things are not.

But many other Democrats are hoping a strong candidate will step forward to challenge the governor. Another session featuring divided Democrats in the Legislature would bode well for Baker, who like his mentor Bill Weld has made bipartisanship one of his main political selling points.

But if Democrats draw clear lines with Baker on a series of issues — the income surtax for example or privatization or new taxes on marijuana or online rentals — the dynamic could shift back to the traditional Republican-versus-Democrat format. And no one can say at this point whether Donald Trump in the White House will be good politically for Baker, or bad.

A member task force led by the chairs of the House and Senate Ethics committees and the co-chairs of the Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight has a deadline of March 15 to produce a report reviewing conflict of interest, financial disclosure laws, and the regulations of the State Ethics Commission, which enforces state ethics laws.

Charlie Baker will propose a fiscal budget Jan. Around the same time new lawmakers are getting sworn in on Wednesday if not before , the Department of Revenue will be preparing its latest revenue report for December after mid-month collections showed positive signs with 4 percent growth. Those statutes allow the lottery, paying to play bingo and participating in sweepstakes or raffles.

But the major issue of debate, revolves around casinos. State Representative John Smithee says the chances of casino gambling becoming legal are against the odds.

The big problem over the gambling interest over the last few sessions has been the fighting among the interest," Smithee added. Fighting, that is keeping almost everyone divided. But opponents to legalizing casinos, like Howard Batson, Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Amarillo, says it's a serious decision the legislature should seriously look into before making any decisions.

Sims says there is a potential that legal gambling will bring money to the Lone Star State. But Smithee says even if there were casinos here, most of that money would still leave our state. But it's not just the money that's causing debate over legalizing casino gambling, it also has a lot to do with ethics. However, opponents fear if larger facilities come to Texas, so will other problems. Drugs seem to come into the picture, so the idea that gambling can come to the Panhandle and help pay a lot of our bills and not cost us anything is simply naive," Batson told us.

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May 24,  · Texas Legislative Session Discussion Thread. , it's going to make a Texas Legislature - Wikipedia. Chris TX Active Member. Nov 14,  · Legislature may take up a gambling Gambling expansion set to resurface next the possibility of an anti-casino amendment being approved in LegiScan state dashboard for Texas legislative information, Texas Legislature | 85th Legislature 1st Special Session: Browse.

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