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He reports that he was in Cleveland rocking out! This guy is a Soelien Twa Infantry Soldier.

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Twa soldiers were chosen from the smaller members of the Soelien Twa drone cast. However, it was not their first encounter with cybers. They had fought a losing war with numerous cybernetic races, including the hated KOR in the Baxel Galaxy long before they joined the Grand Alliance in She was true to her word.

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The Twa fought alongside Grand Alliance to the bitter end. No Soelien Twa outposts are extant in known space. They passed into the darkness when the cybernetics overwhelmed the Estra Galaxy over a thousand years ago.

Runts had their protective back shell removed to allow them to wear powered battle armor. A normal Twa drone non-military sported a large beetle style back shield that formed naturally from birth. It molted and renewed as the drone matured. The weapon depicted is a standard issue Frenics Arms TR24 plasma rifle.

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Frenics, a Terran weapons firm, landed the infantry small arms contract for the empire wide standard issue infantry rifle. The competition for the contract was fierce with over sixty firms submitting bids. There was some controversy over the unfamiliar alien bid process.

No one in the alliance wanted to insult the Twa by raising the specter of drone corruption.

A private conversation between Stelltron officials and the Grand Alliance Secretary General resolved the issue and the complaint was quashed. Artwork by Max Bagdasarov. You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience.

The insignia is the Imperial symbol of the Soelian Twa Empire.

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