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This is the third of a series of three compressed air-related posts. In my first compressed air system post, I focused on low- and no-cost things you can do to reduce your compressed air plant energy consumption.

I promised in my last post that I would open up our equipment cabinet and introduce you to some of the tools that we use to meter or estimate energy consumption. These are just examples of a whole world of metering equipment at your disposal. Also, before you pick out a metering device think about what you really want to know and how long you want to measure for.

Do you want a quick, cheap diagnostic tool that you can use anywhere in the plant, or a permanent metering setup specific to one piece of equipment? Welcome back after our holiday hiatus! Back as an engineering student, I remember thinking of commissioning in vague and limited terms.

Primarily, it meant to me making sure that a new piece of equipment was safely operating more or less within design limits.

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Once it was manufacturing products safely, you were done — on to the next problem. After a few years in the real world and seeing the impact that this kind of attitude can have on project success, I now think of it very differently. Commissioning means making sure that something is operating as it was designed to at both full and part-loads, as well as knowing how it will react under a variety of conditions. It also means having confidence that the equipment will be able to operate stably across its full lifetime, and that it is doing what it is supposed to do in the larger context of the site.

The fixture and the sensor together should also effectively detect occupants and provide an ergonomic level of light without fixtures turning off too early, staying on too long, or operating in a way that prematurely ages lamps and ballasts. Back in my very first postI mentioned that energy auditors love to see air compressors.

Compressor replacements are great for saving energy, but they do a lot more good if you check for other problems before you choose a new compressor. With a little work, you may be able to avoid a compressor replacement altogether or at least pick a smaller compressor than you may have thought you needed. In one of our last blog postswe reviewed four things that you should keep in mind when considering a cogeneration project at your facility.

One of the key things to consider is having a use for all of the waste heat that is produced from the cogeneration project. One of the ways that waste heat can be put to use is through an absorption chiller. Depending on the amount, type, and timing of the heat that you have available, it can be hard to make a good decision about whether or not you should install an absorption chiller.

We have seen our fair share of absorption chillers languishing, dusty and neglected, in mechanical rooms after fuel costs rose or maintenance costs turned out to be higher than someone bargained for. What a perfect place for an absorption chiller, with Maryland Live Casino Electronic Best Craps Strategy in sight!

Because absorption chillers are such a tough choice, we would like to lay out some ground rules for using absorption chillers without losing your shirt in fuel costs. Absorption chillers are not super easy or straightforward to understand.

Carrier has a great explanation on one of their product pages here:. However, a Jack Of Hearts Casino Zombies Band Youtube chiller uses a mechanical means to compress and transport the refrigerant vapor to the condenser, while an absorption chiller depends on a thermo-chemical process involving lithium bromide and water to establish the pressure differential in lieu of mechanical compression. While most vapor compression chillers utilize electricity as its energy source to operate the machine, absorption chillers use heat, typically in the form of steam, hot water or through the direct combustion of natural gas.

Because absorption chillers use waste heat as the driver for the process, they use significantly less electricity than conventional chillers. Install a ton water-cooled centrifugal mechanical chiller.

Install a ton single-effect absorption chiller. Assuming a northeastern location and a cooling load typical of an institutional campus, the site requires approximatelyton-hours of cooling a year from the new chiller.

Multiplying the total ton-hours of cooling required by the energy input requirement of each chiller and then by the appropriate energy cost, you can estimate the energy input cost for each chiller. At that fuel cost, the absorption unit is going to cost you over twice as much to run as the electric chiller. Using the same chiller load and assumptions used above, you can calculate the annual energy input cost for your absorption chiller at a range of fuel costs.

See the blue line in the chart below. These can then be compared to what electricity rate would be required for the absorption chiller to cost the same or less to run than the electric unit on an energy input basis. See the dotted red lines in the chart below.

Heat that would otherwise be discarded costs you no additional fuel. Your thermal energy needs to be very, very cheap before an absorption chiller can compete with an electric unit on an input energy cost basis. Before deciding to go with one type of chiller or the other, make sure you know what each type of chiller will cost you to purchase, maintain, and operate at a range of fuel and electricity costs.

In the case of absorption chilling, it pays to be a little skeptical. Are you considering installing an absorption chiller in your facility? It can be a tough decision to make, so be certain that it will make sense financially before purchasing or agreeing to anything! Due to the enormous response to this post I decided to write a followup that answers many of your questions, including capital cost, De Casino In Sint Niklaas Instituut Anderlecht input, and sizing issues.

You can read it here: Answers Jack Of Hearts Casino Zombies Band Youtube Common Questions about Absorption Chillers. Many companies are turning to cogeneration as a way to reduce their overall energy costs and increase their plant efficiency.

Here are a few things to think about when investigating whether or not you should install a cogeneration facility. Usually, companies first consider cogeneration as a way to produce their electricity.

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This is going to make the overall efficiency of your cogeneration system very low and barring some special circumstance, the economics will probably look even worse.

Uses for waste heat include steam or hot water for process applications or just supplying heat and hot water to condition the facility spaces. Keep in mind that the best heat loads for cogeneration applications will be the ones that are required all year round, rather than seasonal loads that drop off as the weather gets warm. Remember, the more of the waste heat that you can use, the higher the cogeneration efficiency you will achieve.

The higher your efficiency is, the better your economic return will be! An absorption chiller unit at Harbec Plastics in New York. Absorption chillers take advantage of waste heat to help produce chilled water.

I recently went on a site visit where a facility was using natural gas engines to produce electricity to run their electric chillers rather than just connecting them to the utility grid. The higher grade exhaust heat remains unutilized. This system is operating far below its potential. In the end, cogeneration means that you are competing with the utility to generate electricity.

The utility has every advantage — economy of scale, cheap fuel, and detailed and dedicated maintenance programs. The primary place where you can beat them out is on overall thermal efficiency.

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If you want your cogeneration system to save you money versus buying from the utility, you need to be able to exploit the efficiency advantage. The best candidates for cogeneration have high existing electricity Jack Of Hearts Casino Zombies Band Youtube and lower to moderate natural gas or fuel rates. For example, if you already get reduced-cost electricity through your utility or government contract, it is unlikely that you will be able to produce it for any less than what you are paying through your local utility.

This is especially true if your natural gas or other fuel costs are not being supplied at a similarly reduced rate. Micro-turbine with heat recovery units at Harbec Plastics in New York. Along those lines, you should also consider what energy prices have the potential to look like in the future. If the project only has favorable economics with a very narrow range of energy prices, you should be absolutely sure that you can handle the negative economics associated with the project if energy prices move outside of that optimum range.

It should be noted that other good candidates for cogeneration are those companies who have a plentiful source of low-cost fuel available to them. For example, many wood, furniture, or biomass processing facilities have cogeneration on site because they have ample amounts of wood waste that they can use to fuel cogeneration systems. Sizing your cogeneration system appropriately can make or break the project!

If you accidentally size the system too big, then you can end up:. Although at least 12 months of data is ideal for a full study, even a few months of sub-metering can help to provide your engineer with enough information to make sure that the project is appropriately sized.

You should also consider implementing an energy efficiency program as a first step before moving ahead with a cogeneration project. I have helped to conduct Doubledown Casino Real Money Chips Promotional Codes annual efficiency reviews for a cogeneration project that was installed a few years ago.

The engineering firm who designed the project over-estimated the heating load at the facility. As a result, a significant amount of heat is currently being vented to the atmosphere and the efficiency of the system is much lower than plant staff originally anticipated. The facility is now considering adding a domestic hot water loop to the existing configuration in an effort to increase the efficiency of the project.

Chasing loads to serve after a project is put in place is less than ideal and such projects will never see the value that could have been achieved if the plant had been properly sized from the start. Understanding the impacts that cogeneration will have on your electric and gas rates if applicable is critical. For example, your existing electricity rate tariff may change after the cogeneration installation because your overall electricity consumption will go down.

Many utilities offer special electric rate tariffs specifically for facilities with on-site generation. Keep in mind, though, that your contract demand with the utility may stay the same even after the installation is complete.

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In the event that your cogeneration system needs to be taken offline for maintenance or repair, the utility would need to be able to supply your full pre-cogeneration demand load.

If you are using natural gas to fuel your cogeneration system, then your annual consumption will likely increase quite significantly.

This may require you to move up to the next higher rate tariff depending on your increase in consumption. Changing rate tariffs is something that we always look for when investigating the economics of a potential cogeneration project.

If you are going to do a project and you are the owner of the facility, make sure that you fully understand the implications of these changes for your whole facility.

Cogeneration projects are always more complicated than they first appear. There are a lot of things to consider, especially if a third party developer is involved. This blog only highlights some of the high level things that should be considered, but if you have any questions about the project that you are planning, email us or give us a call to discuss your concerns!

Antares has extensive experience conducting industrial energy audits and feasibility studies for biomass and natural-gas fired cogeneration and heat-only systems. In our blog posts, we have talked a lot lately about electricity rates. For this post, I also want to step onto my soapbox and shout out a warning about energy cost savings for energy efficiency projects at a commercial or industrial scale. As part of my work calculating energy efficiency incentives, I often see proposals from vendors selling high-efficiency air compressors or chillers or variable speed drives.

They usually go something like this:. Installation of a new model [name] compressor will savekWh per year.

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