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Absolutely and totally agree with you on this! I faced this issue at home.

My kid, me and my husband all had different meal times, somehow we just ended up eating food without enjoying the niceties of togetherness and sharing. However, I put my foot down six months back, ever since mealtimes are so much fun.

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Other than weekends, dinnertime is the only time when we can sit down and eat together n it should not be missed. Kindly reach this out to children via the schools and teachers. Pl make the children believe the truth in family get-together. Almost all the troubles of the modern pressures of social life will be resolved.

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Very relevant post Meera. I wanted to add one point- is it not important to all choose topics of dinner time conversation with care? We must avoid topics that put anyone, especially the children, in spot and also general topics that may be too controversial and lead to polarized views- essentially, take away from a pleasant being together experience. What is your experience? Hi Sudha, Thanks — our experience — dinner time is when we exchange happenings of the day, talk about an article in the newspaper, or plan what to do over the weekend…I should admit that on rare occasions we have ended up lecturing our daughter — but my husband and I are conscious about this and if one of us starts a lecture — the other tactfully steers the conversation away, so meal time still remains happy.

Thanks sudha, a very relevant comment — our conversations mainly revolve around what happened during the day, what to do over the weekend, an interesting article in the paper etc…but during some meals we have had arguments, but in my opinion if the child is above 10 years, arguments will help children understand there can be a difference in opinion.

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But we should not use this forum to lecture the child, my husband and I are conscious about this and if one of us starts a lecture the other tactfully steers the conversation away — so meal times remain happy times!!

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Negotiating the mine-field that is body image. Gift her a life-lesson on her birthday. How to communicate with the affected child. Eating Together at the Table. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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