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For Sonic fans it's a bumper year - we've already had the excellent Sonic Maniaand the latest new 3D Sonic game is due soon with Sonic Forces. Sega continues to release new footage, and has now showed off the Classic Sonic stage for 'Casino Forest'. It has various throwback references to the likes of Casino Night Zone, and looks pretty decent in the video below.

It'll be fascinating to see how the final game turns out, and we certainly hope it's well optimised for the Switch. Not long now, it's due out on 7th November. Welsh ex-pat Tom is responsible for the day-to-day running of the site. He's the guy to thank for the generally brilliant nature of the content which massages your eyeballs on a daily basis.

Also has an unhealthy obsession with all things Bowser. Tap here to load 38 comments. Looks like good level design for a casino stage, enough branching paths and hidden nooks.

The music is a little grading at times though. The composer is trying to hearken back to synth but as Sonic 4 has taught us that type of music really doesn't work in a modern sense. Sounds better than that game but when comparing it to the modern sections music, Green Hill Classic and Casino Forest songs are the weakest of the bunch.

Thankfully the physics look better than Generations classic levels minus when he got stuck on the plunger ledgebut I wish they would show off the spin dash.

If they messed it up again that would just be the piss. I heard he had drop dash in this game also, so as long as they make the levels fun and fix the spindash Classic levels look a-ok. Wish Tee was composing the classic music though.

This looks so cool! The music, level design, everything looks and sounds so nice! I love how the happy look of the casino really clashes with the dark and gloomy look of the forest ruins. Bring on the hype! I wish the entire game was 2. Its at a budget price out the door. And Switch version is lesser version at 30fps.

A01 Well the game is supposed to be really dark One thing that bothers me is that the ground speed cap from Sonic 1 has made a comeback. You can see it near the end of the trailer. They have clearly run out of ideas. Or Carnival Night Zone in Sonic 3?

You could see the floor in those. The floors were bright, and the "frontage" was nice and light. This is all black and dark and murky and completely "unreadable" given the speed it's moving at. The stage layout seems fun and the music sounds proper Genesis!

I'm just hoping that the video shown wasn't the start of the actual level otherwise it's way too short. Sonic Manias stages were really lengthy and filled with hidden paths. Another thing i'm concerned about is linearity in the stages - the best levels are the ones where going left is a viable method of proceeding as opposed to always running to the right, this was applicable nearly all the way through Mania and I hope they carry over that design philosophy into forces.

I actually got to play sonic forces recently on the switch and from what i could tell, it looked good to my eyes and seemed to be 60fps though noticeably not as smooth as the other versions. Classic sonic controlled Game Of Chance Casino Aztar Concerts 2018 but avatar and modern sonic felt There was a weird sense of momentum that made slower paced platforming very tricky, although this may be due in part to some input lag on the terrible monitors they use at events.

I know it's a budget title but i'm still holding out for a full fledged, meaty sonic game. Not trying to start anything, I just wanna hear your opinion. That's how Best Casino Sonic Games For Wii Game I want it!

The Best Part Of Sonic Games Is The Music

Compared to Sonic Mania, the overall level design just feels 'blank' in this game to me. It feels like stuff is pasted together without regards to the player's perspective. I'm somewhat of a hobby level designer myself, and it's hard to explain why the design in this footage feels off.

I hope I'm wrong after playing Sonic Forces myself, as 2 good Sonic games in 1 year would be amazing. I'm thinking part of the reason why it looks so bland is there is a lack of "stuff" filling out the level like you typically see in 2D Sonic.

While mixing the forest and casino themes sounds good, there's not actually that much decoration and flair present. Most of the vegetation is in the background, and you've got some lights The result is seeing a lot of blank and generic looking brick texture, which is pretty unattractive.

The worst part is the actual level design looks good. The typical casino themed obstacles are smartly implemented, and there seems to be multiple routes like we'd expect. The real crime is just that a seemingly good level leaves so much to be desired in terms of visuals.

Skyrim on the go. Doom on the go. This has definitely been one of the best years for gaming. The casino-type levels have never been my favorite, but I'm looking forward to this one as the level design here looks great to me.

Love the music, too! I seriously cannot wait for Nov. I really don't understand the point of throwback levels such as this when Sonic Mania was just released. Stop trying to be everything for everyone and fully commit to a proper, innovative 3D world. Ow that background music What a total mood killer. I think with something more atmospheric and less Sonic 4-y this stage could have had a bigger impact. I'm Play Casino Card Games Real Money Online my happy place right now just from that preview.

So many Casino Night teas. Sonic 2 is my favorite Sonic game and one of my favorite games ever so I'm soft for anything that taps into that nostalgia. The rest of the game could be garbage but if they keep showing me Sonic 2 inspired footage from here to November, I'd throw my pocket book at Sega.

I like it, but I feel like there's really no need for the speed boosters. Just have the player learn to use the spindash and drop dash.

Jayenkai I Best Casino Sonic Games For Wii Game get to watch the video at the time. Watching it now, it's not as bad as you make out, but the stage is very vacant and safe. Putting the same level design in Sonic Mania would be the weakest level in the game. I wish they made use of the forest them beyond an aesthetic choice and use it to not make the level be like every other Sonic Casino level It's just background here just how the sand was in Green Hill.

  • This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the speedy blue blur, Sonic The Hedgehog. Sonic was created by SEGA and every since his appearance on June , he has become and still is one of the best video game series of all times that managed to rival Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. Even though.
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  • Sonic Lost World is a title that's starting to shape up rather nicely, particularly with plenty of footage and images emerging for the Wii U version; while Sonic fans . SEGA should bring Mulitplayer to this Game like the old genesis games and have Tails Follow Sonic it Could work considering how they slownd.
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Mario's Coins are more temptating than Sonic's Ring. It's mostly bumpers with cheap looking assets and rings put throughout the stage with no tought. Also that music, ew. That stage legit looks like it was made in an in-game level editor, I have no idea how anyone can think that was acceptable. I guess people are still in the denial phase of realizing the game is not as good as they were hoping.

Not everyone has to hate on a Sonic game before it even comes out. The story trailer looks great! I just wish Classic Sonic wasn't here. He should stay in his own neck of the woods. Hold on there, you need to login to post a comment The Legend of Zelda: Wed 22nd Nov All The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild a Mon 13th Nov Fri 24th Nov How to Download Animal Crossing: Wed 25th Oct Super Mario Odyssey amiibo Outfit Unlocks.

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